Nineth Century Chola Temple Bethuru Davangere Karnataka

Now I find there is a Temple for Shiva in Bethuru, four kilometres from Davangere, Karnataka, on the way to Jagalur. The temple is reported to have been built in the Eighth Century AD.

Chola Temples Bangalore List 1035 AD

I have often stressed the fact that though there were fifty six kingdoms in India from ancient times, though there were wars between various kings, the culture was so advanced the Conquerors built temples, tanks and roads in the kingdom which they have won.

Vagata Hoskote Village of Temples Cholas Karnataka Kings 1035AD

Also a series about the bond between what is presently Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Much misinformation has been planted in the minds of people, hiding real history, by falsifying Indian history and dividing the people of India on the basis of Language. One can find evidence of The Presence of King's who ruled in the area of present Karnataka in Tamil Nadu and of Tamil Kings in Karnataka.

Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

I have written some posts on the influence of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism in Guatemala. Also on the temples of Hanuman, his Makartahdwaja in Honduras, Chichen Itza resembling the Sanctum of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple. And on the 1000 pillars of Madurai Meenakshi Amman ┬áDesign being found in Chichen Itza Guatemala. Now I have come information that … Continue reading Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?