Chola Temples Bangalore List 1035 AD

I have often stressed the fact that though there were fifty six kingdoms in India from ancient times, though there were wars between various kings, the culture was so advanced the Conquerors built temples, tanks and roads in the kingdom which they have won.

Someswara Temple Halasuru,Bangalore..image
Halasuru Someswara Temple.

People were not harassed as a general rule though there are exceptions as in the case of Vatapi, now in Karnataka, which was burnt down Narasimha Varma Pallava in his war against Pulikesin1 .

However the King’s of Tamil Nadu built temples and tanks in Karnataka.

The Hoysalas built temples in Tamil Nadu and Hoysala architecture had left an impression in Tamil Nadu Architecture.

Will be writing on this.

Many temples in Bangalore were built by Cholas, some of them dating back to 1035 AD.

I have written on the temple built by Rajendra Chola and Kukothunga Chola in Bangalore.

Here is a list of Temples built by Cholas in Bangalore.

1.Someshwara Swamy TempleAgara1500 years

2Someshwara TempleMarathahalli1508 AD

3Halasuru Someshwara TempleHalasuru, date to be ascertained.

4Someshwara TempleMadiwala1247 AD

5.Eshwara TempleKengeri1050 AD.

6.Chokkanathaswamy templeDomlur10th century AD

7.Mukthi Natheshwara TempleBinnamangala1110 AD

8.Kashi Vishweshwar templeKadugodi.Date to be confirmed.

9.Kaalikaamba Kamatheshwara TempleNagarathpet13th century AD

10.Vasantha Vallabharaya TempleVasanthapura.Date to be confirmed.

11.Dharmesvara TempleKondrahalli1065 AD.

12.Sri Madduramma TempleHuskur11th century AD.

13.Sri Ananda Lingeshwara TempleHebbal.Date to be confirmed.

Reference and citation.

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