Hindu Name Buddhism Answers

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Ganadeviyo, Uppalavanna, Ganesha Vishnu in Buddhism

What is not known is that though Buddhism advocates Idol worship and engages in NireswaraVada, denial ofpersonal God, Buddhism has declared Buddha and has Idols of Buddha being worshiped. Not only that. Buddhism has Hindu Gods being worshiped as Buddhist Gods. I had already posted an article that Skanda is considered as the protector of…

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Gauthama Buddha Brahmin Gauthama Gotra

He belonged to Sakhya clan, Kshatriya. But his genealogy as gleaned from Buddhist texts indicate his ancestry goes back to one of the first Rishis after whom the gotra system of Hindu lineage springs from. The rishi is Gautama and he was a Brahmin .

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Shiva Buddha Worshiped As One God Machendranath

Karma Kanda per se is very complicated and people were fed up. Buddhism filled in the void with its Philosophy of change , its Nireswara vada, denial of Personal God, Idol worship and its denial of Vedic Authority. It is an irony that Buddha is being worshiped as God. There is a temple in Nepal…

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Nataraja Protector Of Buddhism Chinese Na Lo Yen Tien

Before the advent of Buddhism in China Hinduism was prevalent in China and Hinduism was indigence. The spread of Hindu practices did not stop with the worship of Hindu Gods…Unorthodox systems Vaiseshika ,Nyaya, Martial Arts,Kalari, Weapons like Vajra also found their way into China. Names of the Deities were changed to suit the local conditions.…

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Skanda The Protector Of Chinese Buddhism, Wei Tuo Pú sà

The difference between Buddhism and Santana Dharma(Vedic Hinduism) is so great that Buddhism is regarded as Nastika System since Buddhism does not accept the authority of the Vedas as a Pramana, source of Knowledge . However excepting this point and Sunya Vada,many similar and in some areas identical views concurring with the Vedas are found…

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