Hurt Souls Should be Listened To, Kashmir Files

Terrorist instigates crowd scene.Kashmir files image

Kashmir Files is neither a documentary nor a film in the conventional sense. Nor is it a propaganda film as many have you believe , for the Party in power at the center now and the Prime Minister are directly attacked.The film is A Narrative.

A narrative that begins with a scene that numbs you, yet it is not gory. It portrays the helplessness of one, whom you know well behaves differently the way he does.What is left unsaid makes the impact.The story then,though it does not move away from the perspective of the individual,shifts to macro issues of Terrorism. It does not become preachy nor does it apportion blame on anyone directly.

Those who had followed Kashmir issue in 1990, can vouch for the facts portrayed in the Kashmiri Files. The apathy of the Bureaucracy,the contempt with which the then Chief Minister and the Home minister of the Government of India treated the issue and the dilemma of the soldiers on whose orders to follow,their superior or the terrorists. How the decision makers in the Media did not,nor does it now,allow the facts to be made public, despite reporters filing the Facts. Cleverly manipulated history is presented as facts purveyed as Truth ,to students to instigate them. India’s past history sans Kashmir is cleverly presented to them.

The performances are not performances,everyone lives the role and one can feel this. It is difficult to point out the best performance. Sheer characterisation of the University Professor makes Pallavi Joshi and her natural portrayal makes her effort stand out.

And the narrative is not melodramatic.Mention must be made of the Music that sets the mood of the movie.Camera work is non intrusive and poignant.Editing is slick. Dialogues are punchy without being intentionally so.

And of course, direction, a new way of film making that leaves now immersed without even allowing you to emote even; but leaves you with a lump in your throat.

How insensitive and callous have we have been to the plight of our own? I felt ashamed. Holocaust happened because People remained quiet and let thugs take over.

May we not have another occasion for a film like this.

Facts of Kashmir Files.

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