Better To Be Muslims Kashmir Pandits Story

One of my relatives got married to a Kashmiri Girl.

They, too, are Brahmins.

Brahmin Kashmir Pandits desolate House


I attended the wedding in Delhi.

Please scroll down for Video.

They were at great pains to tell me that they were also Brahmins and unfortunately meat eaters.

( Brahmins used to eat meat in ancient times, they were unaware of it)

Though the marriage was conducted late in the evening, the Vedic Rites of Kanyadhaan,Panigrahan and Sapthapadhi were performed.

This is the correct Vedic marriage.

They are all well to do, all of them occupying important positions in the Society

They still have their ancestral home in Kashmir, though all of them are settled in Delhi.

When I started discussing the Kashmiri Pandit‘s Problems, they broke out in tears , hugged me and said they were moved that some one from deep South is bothered about their problems.

They narrated the problems, utter contempt with which they were treated in Kashmir, where they have no say in anything at all.

Their problems after displacement from Kashmir have only multiplied, with the Government, irrespective of whichever party comes to power.

They find it difficult to voice their grievances to the Government at The State pr at the Center,

Worst is that whomsoever they get to meet, on rare occasions, in the Government, they got a stock reply that Kashmir is a sensitive issue with international ramifications and the Government has to tread carefully.

But the Muslims of Kashmir say that they are persecuted?

By whom?


They  were/are being ruled by Muslims and by the Sheikh Abdullah Family, Sheikh Abdulla to Omar Abdullah , his Grand son.

Muslims cry foul with Muslims ruling here.

What about the Kashmiri Pandits?

The history of Kashmir makes a sad reading.

Except for a limited period during the period of King Lalitaditya-Muktapida’s (725-753 A.D.) reign.

During the reign of King Rajadev (1213-1236 A.D.) the oppression and plunder of the Brahmins was extreme.

Once Asoka came to Kashmir, began the death-knell of Hinduism and Brahmins.

Then came the Mongols, Turks,Mogul and the British.

We know how the Mongols, Turks and the Moguls treat inavding countries and the British , as is their wont, developed the ‘Divide and Rule Policy’

According to figures from the CIA for 2007, at that time about 300,000 Pandits living in India were “internally displaced people” from Kashmir and Jammu. The US government has reported on the terrorist threat to Pandits still living in the Kashmir region.

The socio-political situation in Kashmir continues to be volatile, with the displaced Kashmiri Pandits beginning to lose their cultural identity. The US Department of State reports that, according to the National Human Rights Commission of India, the Kashmiri Pandit population in Jammu and Kashmir dropped from 15 percent in 1941 to 0.1 percent as of 2001.[17] In 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly passed a resolution to recognise 14 September 2007, as Martyrs Day to acknowledge ethnic cleansing and campaigns of terror inflicted on non-Muslim minorities of Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists seeking to establish an Islamic state..

Read this,

During one of these days my brotherhad gone to get some air into the wheel of his cycle when suddenly two young men carrying guns killed a man in the Kralpora Bazar. Both men lived close to our village and my brother was naïve to tell someone that he knows one of them.A well wisher visited us that evening and told us to send him out of Kashmir.This advice fell on us like a pack of bricks. My grandmother cursed my brother for being stupid and my mother started sobbing. It was too late to do anything.My brother thankfully knew how to ride a scooter. We had some petrol in the fuel tank of the scooter which would have been enough to take him to Lal Chowk.My father put some money into the pocket of his Pheran and told him, if there is a knock on the door just jump from the back window and don’t stop the scooter till you reach Tiku’s who lived near Central Telegraph Office in Lal Chowk. We kept awake all night hoping against hope that no one would come asking for Rinku, and no one did.
Strange diktats started appearing on walls. Some would tell us how to dress, others what not to drink but the most interesting were the ones asking us to time our watches with Pakistan StandardTime. Mohalla Committees were made to check vice. It was like a Taliban Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prohibition of Vice. What constituted vice included watching something as harmless as Doordarshan. Everything Indian was the new untouchable. During all this time the writ of the terrorists went unchallenged.The National Conference government had run away and abdicated all its responsibilities. There was no administration at all.
The timing was just right for the“mass uprising” to be engineered. From here on I write the account that my brother had written in his dairy many years after that fateful night.
“We were about to have dinner when the final call for prayers was heard. It was normal for us to hear the call to the faithful. A soulful Allah-u-Akbar rendering went up in the cold mist ofJanuary. As soon as we finished dinner the soulful voice of our pious localMuslim priest was replaced by someone who sounded not just hoarse but uncouth too. He didn’t sound like a Kashmiri .At first his words sounded like cacophony but it took us little time to realize that he was provoking the people of the village to come to the mosque and hit the streets. The nearest mosque was almost seven hundred meters from our home. People were possibly awaiting the call. A song blazed out of the loudspeaker and went something like this.
Jago Jago Subah Huyee;Rus ne Baazi Haari Hain,Hind par larzaan tarehain,Ab Kashmir ki baaree hain
 Wake Up,Russia has fallen and India eyes defeat,It is the turn of Kashmir to be freed.
We looked at each other in complete silence. No one even had the guts to move from his/her place. The song was played for a long duration, many times over and as soon as it ended it gave way to sloganeering of a different kind, the kind that did not just target the establishment of India but the one which targeted the Pandits directly.
The slogans that were now filling the air left us in no doubt that we were about to be defiled or killed.
Hum Kya Chahte Azadi…(We want freedom)
Azzadi Ka Matlab Kya,La Illah Il lallah(Freedom means La Illah Il Laalh)
Agar Kashmir Main Rehna Hoga,Allah-u-Akbar Kehna Hoga(If you want to live in Kashmir,you have to sayAllah-u-Akbar)
Ae Zalimo Ae Kafiro,Kashmir HamaraChod Do(Oh Cruel people,you the Kafirs,Leave our Kashmir)
Yahan kya Chalega Nizam-e-Mustafa,
“Exactly 24 years ago, on January 19, 1990, the biggest ever exodus of people happened since the partition of India. The minority Hindus of Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits, fled the valley leaving behind their homes and homeland to save themselves from persecution at the behest of Islamic extremists/terrorists.


Around four to five lakh Kashmiri Pandits were displaced due to militancy in Kashmir valley. Every year since that day, Kashmiri Pandits commemorate January 19 as Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust/Exodus Day, hoping to go back to their homes one day.

Terrorism in Kashmir valley started with the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989-1990. Ethnic cleansing refers to an attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the expulsion or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups. United Nations defines ethnic cleansing as rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove from a given area, persons of another ethnic or religious group.

The so-called freedom movement (Azaadi) in Kashmir was joined by many local Kashmiri Muslims (and not all). They opted for guns for the so-called Azaadi which never was attained. The main purpose of terrorism in Kashmir was to create a valley homogenous in its religious (read Islamic) character. The minority Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave the valley to create such homogeneity. If the majority community of the valley had not supported the insurgency, there probably wouldn’t have been any exodus of the minority community”

Watch the Video in the Link.

I agree with my friends  from Kashmir.

Better be a Muslim.

Thank you Mr.Anil Gupta for forwarding me the mail from Mr.Bharat Bhushan

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4 responses to “Better To Be Muslims Kashmir Pandits Story”

  1. Unfortunate to hear about the misfortunes of Brahmins in Kashmir. Just read in another article of yours that, everything has an opposite reaction, the concept of Karma. Do you think those Brahmins are going through the same? Due to Karma? For treating lower caste folks the way they did for centuries? Or for demolishing Babri masjid and creating riots across the nation? Is it karma by any chance? Curious to know :O


    • I think you are missing the point,
      The Kashmiri pundits’ problems is there for every one to see.
      If it is Karma, as you have interpreted, it can work the other way as well.
      Babri Masjid?
      If only later installations re to be preserved rather than the ancient monuments, how about constructing a Mall in Kaaba?


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