Pravaras Gotras Pdf

I had written on Gotra system of India. Gotra is unique identity of an individual by linking his ancestors.The Gotr as differ for each varna, Brahmana, Kshatriya,Vaisya.

Gotras have one,two, three or five Rishis as the first of the Lineage.

I have been answering doubts on Gotras.I have posted an article on how to find Gotra.

One of the readers has taken pains to get a reference text in Mysuru, published in the year 1900!My gratitude to him. I am providing the communication from him

And the Book in Pdf.You may download.

You may visit the Link below.

Please find attached.Scroll down to index, Check the gotram, scroll down to that group and you can see the entire list of descendants of gotras and pravaras.The kevalaas are also listed. That is, those who are brahmins, moved to practise kshatriya work and then returned to the brahmin roots.Ten in all. Such as Garga, Moudgalya, Sankriti,…etc.Also, the 2-family ones are explained. [ dvyaamushyaayanaas ]
Say, for instance, Sankriti.
Sankriti, one born to Shakti, son of Sage Vasishta, practise the work of kshatriyas, then return to brahmin roots (original vasishta gotra) by firstmoving to the ashram of Sage Angeeras and then returning to their Root Vasishtar.
Two more Sankriti lines are Sage Aangeerasa line. One as direct descendant (angeerasa, gauriveeta, sankrutya)and another the Kshatriya Sankriti (angeerasa, saankrutya, gauriveeta), who by way of having been born as a resultof the Yajna by Aangeerasar for a king, become Sage Aangeerasar’s disciples, move with him to his ashram and take his gotra line.
The listing of kshatriyas and vaishyas too, is to be seen. One page listing. They have only one to three gotras/pravaras. The remaining have taken the
gotras of their family priests/gurus.
Thanks and RegardsNatarajan Iyer’

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