Giants Around the World Evidence

I have been writing Ramanis blog since 2009.

I have been writing and sharing information on a wide range of topics including Politics, Current Affairs and news items that were funny and interesting.

After a few years. I started concentrating on the History of Sanatana Dharma and the presence of Hinduism around the world in ancient times.

This has been going on for the past six years. Now I find, as I dig deeper into earlier history of India and of course of the world, that it is not only the history of India that is distorted and hidden ,forbidden and concealed but world history as well.Many issues like UFO,Aliens,Civilizations, are aslo suppressed. Conveniently namimg them as ‘Unsupported” or ‘Conspiracy Theories’, Truth is suppressed despite compelling evidnce.

I propose writing on them with, as usual, from authentic sources.
I request readers to send me information that is authentic but suppressed.

One such is the information about Giants.

Almost all civilizations speak of Giants, including India. We have Giants like Kumbhakarna,Bheema,Kadothgaja and a host of others in In Indian Puranas and Ithihasas,Ramayana and Mahabharatha.The information regarding the finding of Katothkaja’s Gatha was dismissed as Myth.

Yet we see Ravanas’s Pushpaka Vimana Runway and Foot prints of ancient giant in Sri Lanka.Indian texts speak of these giants and they were described as living in the Patala Loka,Nether world. This, according to Indian Puranic texts ,is the present American Continent, both North and South America.

Curiously most of the Giant footprints,Skeletons were found in these areas, Americas.

You may Google Giants America and find information.

One can find information about this in Pinterest, where I have an exclusive Board for Giants, where I have shared quite a lot about Giants.

I am reproducing a sample of Giants” information from reliable ,authentic sources.

News on Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton , Turkey

In the late 1950s during the road construction in south-east Turkey in the Euphrates Valley, many tombs containing the remains of Giants were unucovered. At two sites the leg boes were measured to be about 120 cms “47.24 inches”. Joe Taylor, Director of the Mt. BLANCO FOSSIL MUSEUM in Crosbyton, Texas, was commissioned to scupt this anotomically correct and to scale, human femur.
Thi “Giant”stood some 14-16 feet tall, and had 20-22 inch long feet, His or Her finger tips, with arms to their sides, would be about 6 feet above the grounds..


In 2013, after heavy storms in Ecuador, a large female skull was found in Aloha province. Scientists determined the skull was approximately 600 years old. The discovery of the skull inspired a search for the rest of the skeleton, the parts of which were found and assembled a few weeks later. The skeleton stood at 7ft 4” tall, which was astounding, considering that the average height of a woman in those days was only 5ft 8”.

Giant Footprint Ecuador

Further research lead to the discovery of 5 more giant skeletons in the same area. All of the skeletons were between 7–8 feet tall, and were buried in deep, elaborate graves.

Kentucky Dover Mound.

The Dover Mound in the state of Kentucky, USA, is a large native American burial ground, within which was found the 7ft tall skeleton of an Adena man. What was more interesting than his height was his abnormally elongated head, and disproportionately large torso, in relation to his legs.

At native American burial grounds in Ohio, similar remains were found of incredibly tall men with elongated heads, and disproportionately large torsos.

Initially, the skeletons were thought to be of extraterrestrial origin; but science has confirmed these are definitely human remains. Archaeologists today still find similar remains at native American burial mounds all around the country.

New York Giants.

In 1871, an archaeological dig at a native American burial ground unearthed 200 giant skeletons, some measuring up to 9 ft tall. It was also estimated that the remains could’ve been up to 9,000 years old. At the time, the discovery of these remains was widely reported in the media; but today, the remains have disappeared.

One of the most famous Giant Footprints was found outside Mpuluzi, South Africa. It was found 100 years ago by a hunter, and locals named it “the footprint of God.” The print is 1.2 metres long, and if rest of the body was sized in proportion to the foot, the giant that made it would stand between 24–27 ft tall.

The footprint is in granite (one of the hardest rocks on Earth) and there are no chisel marks around it, meaning that whatever made the print must’ve stepped in the rock while it was still molten. It is estimated that the print could be anywhere from 200 million — 3 billion years old. If the correct age is at the upper end of this scale, the print was made when supposedly the only life on Earth was microbial life. But even at the lower end of the scale, it could not have been made by any human ancestor we know of.

Around the world, there have been similar footprints found embedded in age-old rock. In San Hose, a 2.5 metre footprint was found near a local ranch (whatever made it would have towered over even the giant from Mpuluzi); in the same city, another 1.5 metre footprint was found on a cliff.

In August, 2016, in Guizhou, China, a series of footprints was discovered, with each print nearly 2 feet long, and indented nearly 3cm into solid rock. Scientists have calculated that whatever made the prints would have to be over 13 feet tall.

South Africa Giant Footprint

Reference and Citations

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    Some months back I read one of your blog in which you had written about some Shiv Mandirs situated in a Fibonacci sequence. Sadly I did not save the article or link.

    Will it be possible to get that article or link to it?

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    Thank you very much

    Yours sincerely

    R. Chandrasekharan.


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