Giants Around the World Evidence

Yet we see Ravanas’s Pushpaka Vimana Runway and Foot prints of ancient giant in Sri Lanka.Indian texts speak of these giants and they were described as living in the Patala Loka,Nether world. This, according to Indian Puranic texts ,is the present American Continent, both North and South America.

Shiva Quadrangle Temple Colorado Patala Loka Hinduism

Natural Shiva Linga ,Colorado,Grand Canyo.

The curious fact is that they denote the spiritual Planes,other levels of Existence and Planes of Existence as explained by Quantum Physics.

And they also have corresponding present Geographical Locations.

Americas The Patala Of Hinduism Mayas Hindus

I read an interesting article while researching for proof on the Vedic India encompassed the entire world.

I have posted quite a few articles on the Ancient Kingdoms of India with Time line,names,The Dynasties List and the existing archeological proof for the statement that Bharatvarsha extended throughout the world.

Kanchi Periyavar mentions this fact in the Book Deivathin Kural in Tamil( Free download of the Book is available in this site),with astonishing evidence from the Vedic Texts.

The Mayan civilization as well as the Egyptian Civilizations often intrigued me.

Their method of worship of the Sun, the reverence for the Dead and some cultural practices are very close to Hinduism.

Now on to this information in the article.