Lord Krishna Dynasty Ruled From Thiruvananthapuram, Vizhinjam?

The history of India is not what we are taught in text books.

The Dates are deliberately pushed forward to give Christianity an edge in terms of antiquity.

Ramayana, Mahabharata,Tamil classics are dated at ridiculously later dates.

Ramayana is dismissed as Myth,Rig Veda ,acknowledged as the oldest literary work,is dated around 5000 BC!

Archeological finds push these dates back, especially the finding of,

Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu,11000 years,

Tamil site near Chennai, India,A million years,

Adichanallur,Anbil plates,Keezhadi,to cite a few.

Based on the available evidence these

could be dated at least 11000 years back.

And we have Tamil classics,Sangam Literature.

Tamil classics refer to Ramayana, Mahabharata and Lord Krishna repeatedly.

Early Tamil Chera King,Udhiyan Cheralaathan fed the Kaurava and Pandava armies during the Mahabharata war.

Madurai Meenakshi’s father Makaratdwaja,also called Saranga fought along side the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war.

The Three Crowned Kings of Tamilakam trace their origin to Solar and Lunar Dynasties.

Lord Rama belonged to Ikshvsku Dynasty,the Solar Dynasty.

His ancestor,Manu,the first human,was from South India.

He moved to Ayodhya with his son Ikshvsku, because of a Tsunami in the South of Vindhya Mountains.

Ikshvaku founded the Solar Dynasty,Surya Vamsa.

Mani’s daughter,Ila,who was left in the South founded the Lunar Dynasty,Chandra Vamsa.

The Tamil kings belonged to one of these two dynasties.

The origin of the ancient Tamil kings is interesting.

Chola inscriptions refer Cholas to be of Solar Dynasty of Lord Rama and Cholas state they belong to Kashyap Gotra.

Of of the three crowned kings,Moovendar,Pandyas are reported to be more ancient.

So are the Cheras.

Chera and Pandya took part in Mahabharata war.

Then we have the daughter of Manu,Ila,who founded the Luna Dynasty.

Ila Dynasty spread throughout the world,Ailas.

Sri Lanka,which was a part of India in those ancient times was the centre of this Kingdom.

So we have these two dynasties spread throughout the world.

Atlantis legends mention Rama kingdom and Sumerian Kings’ List mention Dasaratha,Rama and Bharatha.

There is one more Dynasty which has gone unnoticed.

The Ila.

This Dynasty,with evidence surfacing now,seems to have co existed with the Tamilakam Moovendar and could have preceded them.

They were called Ay Dynasty and they ruled from Vizhinjam,now called Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

I have written earlier that Padmanabha Swamy temple, Kerala is about 25000 years old.

Ay in Tamil means mother.

It could denote the Ila Dynasty.

Ay in Tamizh means Mother.

The Ay Dynasty ruled from from Vizhinjam.

The had a special relationship with Lord Krishna and Krishna was their family deity.

Ayar in Tamil means Yadava,the community Lord Krishna belongs to.

Taking into consideration that Krishna Married a Pandyan princess and had his daughter Married to a Pandyan princess,it is possible and more than probable that the offspring of Krishna’s daughter ruled from Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram.

Another important line of chieftains of Tamil Nadu during the sangam period with whom krishna was intimately associated was the Ay. The were known to call krishna as their god.Krishna is accepted as their chief god by the Ay.



Vizhinjam dates back to the rule of the Ay dynasty. Circa 850 AD – 1400 AD, the region was the scene of many battles between the Chera dynasty(Kulasekhara) and the Cholas, and Vizhinjam, the then capital, was sacked by the Cholas.

When the kings of the Ay dynasty shifted their capital to Vizhinjam, they built a fort dating to the eighth or ninth century. A preliminary investigation by a team of archaeologist under Dr. Ajit Kumar, University of Kerala, has revealed the fort might have originally been 800 m² in area. The fort’s wall can be found on the northern and western (seaside) parts and has been constructed using large boulders set in mud mortar. The wall, with a wide base, tapers on its way up. Even now this part of Vizhinjam is known as Kottapuram, (“Kotta” in Malayalam means Fort. According to Dr. Ajit, one important clue in dating the fort is that the walls have no battlements or `loop holes’ (holes to place cannons in). This is typical of early forts, he says. Another complex of walls, near the present Our Lady of Good Voyage Church, probably relates to the Portuguese period.


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  1. When did Yadavs or ayars migrated to South India present Tamilnadu? It means when Krishna’s daughter marriage or some other period I would like to know it.


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