God Is Not Above The Cosmic Law Krishna’s Death

After I finished posting the blog ‘ When Rama Realized he Was Brahman’. I recalled another one from the Puranas.

This incident explains the law of Karma(Please read my posts on this under Hinduism)

Lord Krishna spent a long time  on the Earth during the Dwapara Yuga and the Devas were concerned about his absence from the Vaikunta, the Abode of Lord Vishnu.

They consulted the Great  Dhurvasa Rishi and he consoled them saying the time for Krishna was fast approaching.

The Devas asked him,

‘No body can kill Krishna and we dare not ask him for Dehavyhoam (leaving the Body)

Dhurvasa smiled and told them to watch.

After the Mahabharata War was over, the Pandavas and what remained of the Kauravas , along with the Yadavas (Krishna’s Clan) , were sitting together and fooling around the banks of the River Yamuna.

All of them were drunk.

Lord Krishna’s son, Sambhavan, playful by nature, dressed himself as a pregnant woman and with his cronies approached a group of Seers(Rishis) and prostrated before them and requested,

‘Please Bless Me for Safe delivery’

The Rishis said,

‘We know, you are the son of Lord Krishna, yet, we Bless you with Safe Delivery of a Wooden ladle(உலக்கை ) and your Clan will be destroyed by it’


When Lord Krishna was told of it, he shrugged and said he could do nothing about it!

They had a  Wooden ladle delivered after nine months, and to ensure that it was destroyed, they broke it into pieces and immersed it in the river.

The bottom portion ,made of iron was swallowed by a Shark and it was caught by a Fisherman.

While seasoning the Fish, the fisherman found the iron piece and sold it to a Hunter.

The Hunter , his fixed it to the tip of his Arrow.

After some time, the same group was engaged in a drinking bout at the same place.

Salliya, the Man who drove and deserted Karna in the Battle field at a crucial juncture was there.

Salliya was the Father in Law of Karna.

Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna.

One among the gathering remarked,

‘Look,here is a fellow who deserted his king and relative at a critical time, who was on the losing side ,eating and drinking with us, the Victors’

Salliya retorted saying , ‘A bunch of Herdsman need not talk about a Kshatriya’

And a Battle of words soon became a full-fledged fight among all.

They went on attacking each other.

As they had no Arms,they plucked the ‘கோரைப்புல்’-Nut Grass  around them and attacked each other with the Nut Grass,

As soon as they plucked them they became the Wooden Ladles and killed those attacked with them.

Barring Krishna, the Yadava Clan was wiped out.

(The Immersed wooden pieces , on reaching the shores , grew into Nut Grass and became weapons; that is the reason why Nut Grass is not used in Religious Ceremonies but Kusa Grass is used).

Some time later when Lord Krishna was roaming the Forests , he became tired and rested under a Tree, lying in a Fetal Position.

The Hunter saw, what looked like a Deer from a distance’ sent an Arrow.

It struck Krishna at the Center of His Foot and He lay dying.

The Hunter , on reaching Krishna begged for Mercy and felt remorse.

Krishna said to him,

” Don’t worry, it is not your fault.

During Ramavataras Rama,, I killed Vaali, hiding behind a Tree.

Now I am repaying it.

I fulfilled my duty of serving Lakshmana who served me as a younger brother during Ramavatar, as Bala rama as my elder brother in this Avatar as Krishna and breathed his last.

Even God can not escape the Law of Karma, once born!

6 responses to “God Is Not Above The Cosmic Law Krishna’s Death”

  1. Nice..But I dont accept that even god is under Law of Karma.
    We, humans , are here because of karma.
    But the avatharas are because of the Sanghalpam of “PARABRAHMAN SRIMAN NARAYANAN”.


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