Six Siva Temples Represent Six Chakras

Temples of India,though constructed according to Agama Tradition,often contain something mystical, representing eternal principles enunciated in Indian philosophy. When we say Indian philosophy, it is not merely Vedas as is often thought to be,it includes Shaddarshanas,

  • Nyaya
  • Vaiseshika
  • Sankhya
  • Yoga
  • Purva Mimamsa
  • Uttara Mimamsa ( Upanishads)
  • Jainism
  • Buddhism
  • Carvaka
  • Ajivaka

Many temples have architectural beauty and special features like Sun’s rays falling at a specific time and place, Idols changing Colors….

And we have Siva Temples representing the Five Elements of Nature, Earth ,Water,Fire,Air and Ether.We have Temples aligned in the same longitude.Out of 21 sacred sites with unique features,seven from Hinduism and others were of Hinduism in ancient days We have the twelve Jyotir Lingas forming Fibonacci Spiral.

Sri Kalahasthi.Siva.

Following are the Chakras in Human Body according to Classical Texts. Yoginis corresponding to each Chakra is provided here below.( Seven Chakras concept was introduced later ,mostly based on John Woodroffee’s book Shakti and Shakta.

Place in subtle body	Yogini
1. Muladhara- Dakini
2. Svadhisthana -Rakini
3. Manipura -Lakini
4. Anahata -Kakini
5. Vishuddhi -Shakini
6. Ajna -Hakini White, David Gordon. Kiss of the Yogini,University of Chicago Press,pp. 221–229.
Six Chakras

(The idea behind Chakra is found in the early traditions of .The modern Western chakra system arose from multiple sources, starting in the 1880s, followed by Sir John Woodroffe’s 1919 book The Serpent Power, and Charles W. Leadbeater’s 1927 book The Chakras, which introduced the seven rainbow colours for the chakras. Psychological and other attributes, and a wide range of supposed correspondences with other systems such as alchemy, astrology, gemstones, homeopathy, Kabbalah and Tarot were added later. Buddhist texts mention five chakras, while Hindu sources refer six or seven.Early Sanskrit texts speak of them both as meditative visualizations combining flowers and mantras and as physical entities in the body.)

We find Siva temples representing the Six Chakras ,in the Form of Virata Purusha,Cosmic Self, Siva manifests at/as

  • Thiruvaarur -Mooladhara
  • Thiruvanaikka – Swadhishtana
  • Thiruvannamalai-Manipooraka
  • Chidambaram – Anahatha
  • Sri Kalahasthi- Visuthi
  • Varanasi – Agnya.

‘இறைவன் – விராட்புருஷனின் வடிவத்தில் திருவாரூர் ‘மூலாதார’மாகவும், திருவானைக்கா ‘சுவாதிஷ்டான’ மாகவும், திருவண்ணாமலை ‘உந்தி(மணிப்பூரக)’யாகவும் , சிதம்பரம் ‘இருதயஸ்தான(அனாகதம்)’மாகவும், திருக்காளத்தி ‘கழுத்(விசுக்தி)’தாகவும் , காசி ‘புருவமத்தி(ஆக்ஞை)’யாகவும் அமைந்துள்ளது.’.

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