Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism

There is no limit to surprises from Christianity.

Velankanni church Festival details.
Jesus Yoga!
Church modelled after Hindu temple
  1. There is Jesus Suprabhat
  2. Christians tried to forge Thirukkural
  3. Jesus Astotra
  4. Jesus Sahasranama. Video below
  5. Churches are built in Hindu temple style.
  6. Bhoomi Pooja conducted Hindu style for Church Building at Bangalore.
  7. Christian Festivals in Tamilnadu begin with Dwajarohana. Car festival.The Lady came floating in her car, shouldered by her footsoldiers of faith. And as she floated along the teeming thousands, her faithful knelt, some with open palms, some with absolute supplication – each with their own reason for reverence and surrender…

Now we have, Jesus Yoga! Why stop with this?

Jesus Suprapadha Tamil
Jesus Sahasranama in Sanskrit

Jesus Yoga is an ancient christian practice that can improve your health, reduce stress, grow your intelligence, unlock your creativity and bring joy and happyness into your life.

It does not matter if you believe in God or have any religion. Everybody can benefit from Jesus Yoga.

Those who want to use Jesus Yoga come into unity with God and to grow their their spirit, have with Jesus Yoga the ultimate tool to achieve all this and much more.

Jesus Yoga will lead them into Christ Consciousnes”. Source.

Bhoomi Pooja Image credit..

2 responses to “Now JesusYoga,Better Change Name Christianity to Hinduism”

  1. Dear Sir, May be the whole plan that these so called faith usurpers have can be foiled by claiming all Christianity is part of Hinduism not separate as viewed by them.

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    • They have been doing it for quite sometime now. They stated and it is promoted by Siculars that Jesus was an Indian Yogi/ he came to India ,learnt Yoga in Kashmir and his tomb is in Kashmir.

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