Brahmin Christians Matrimonial Website Next Vedic Christian Marriages?

I have written on How Christians convert Hindus under the garb of Brahmins.

Christian Brahmana Seva Samithi

Conversion is also done soon after Death in a Hindu household by sending them messages offering Salvation for the Departed by The Church. There is Yesu Suprabhatham,Astothram Sahsranama.

And Churches are built in Dravidian Temple Design.

Church in Hindu Temple design.

Christians in India wesr Kumkum in most cases in Tamil Nadu,Flag Hoisting, Dwajarohana for festivals in Churches including at Velankanni,Ratha Yatra during Christian festivals.

Christ is portrayed as A Rishi/Yogi.

Only thing is left is for Christians to call Christ as A Hindu God,Murugan,Siva ..

Or have they done it already! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Now you have a website for Converted Brahmins!

Matrimonial website for Converted Brahmins ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Source and Citations.

One response to “Brahmin Christians Matrimonial Website Next Vedic Christian Marriages?”

  1. One more addition to religious stratification in a society already riven with religious and caste denominations. In Kerala, some Ezhava Hindus keep the picture of Christ along with Krishna, Siva and Devi in their home Pooja rooms; they are still Hindus but recognise Christ as one among the gods. Something like assimilation of Buddha as one of the avatars of Vishnu. In point of fact, majority of Ezhavas would have converted en masse into Christianity as a result of upper caste atrocities in the Kerala of 19th and early 20th century but for the reformative zeal of Sri Narayana Guru who established separate temples giving the clarion call of โ€œone caste, one religion, one God for manโ€. Assimilation is desirable but creating further divisions is not.


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