Rahul Gandhi Gang Rape Case

Some time back there was a news story that a girl complained of Rape by Rahul Gandhi and the news was promptly suppressed.

A FIR was also lodged.


Rahul Gandhi in Rape Case
Sukanya Devi Raped by Rahul Gandhi?

Here is some more on this story.

Rahul Gandhi was alleged of gang rape in the year 2006- No media exposed it; media should have aired this news even if it was a fake. But there are few questions- why the raped girl and her family members are still missing? Why the reporters who reported it are missing? Why media prefer exposing a girl named Haya Fatima- who called herself the wife of Abhishek Bachhan? If there was nothing fishy, then how come everyone connected to this case missed? 

In 2007, when Rahul factor was working incredible for Indian National Congress and the youth leader Rahul was busy campaigning for his party including his traditional constituency Amethi. He was alleged in gang raping a girl named Ms. Sukanya- Daughter of a congress worker named Balram Singh. She was big time fan of Rahul Gandhi. During Rahul along with his seven friend (Out of which two were from Britain and two from Italy) were enjoying their liquor party in an Amethi based guest house, the girl went to meet his IDOL, who first offered him to drink wine, later when she refused to take it. She was raped by everyone present in the guest house one by one. 

She somehow escaped herself and knocked every door for the help but everyone in the terror of Congress Goondas didn’t opened their gate knowing all the facts. She along with her mother approached police station, no FIR was written. 

She was said to run away by her father, because workers were said to kill them on sight. She later on approached Human Rights Commission, met Sonia Gandhi but nothing turned up. Both of them tried to meet president too, but they never met and never got justice. Since then all three Including Sukanya, Smriti Devi (Mother) and Balram Singh (Father) are missing. Videographer Dhrupad and a cameraman from a news channel, who later recorded statement of Sukanya are also reported missing till the date. 


Madhya Pradesh’s MLA Kishore Samrite had filled a case against Rahul Gandhi for this act, but he was claimed entirely wrong and HC said that “He tried to jeopardize the reputation of a high profile person” and even been fined 50 lakhs for the same. 

Now finally on 5th April, 2011, Supreme Court issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi and Five others on a petition filed by Former MLA Kishor Samrite challenging Allahbad HC order in an alleged gang rape case.

Link provided in this blog is broken or possibly deleted.

“The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed as without substance a petition against Rahul Gandhi, which had alleged that he had confined a girl in Uttar Pradesh, and slapped costs of Rs10 lakh, including Rs5 lakh on an ex-SP MLA, who had filed it.

The court also directed that CBI shall continue the investigation against the petitioner — ex-Samajwadi Party MLA Kishore Samrite and other persons — who are involved in filing of the frivolous petitions and asked it to submit a report within six months.

“The allegation is without substance and without an iota of evidence,” a bench of justices BS Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar said on the allegation levelled against Gandhi of rape of a girl in Uttar Pradesh and illegally detaining her along with her parents.’






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