Check Drug Authenticity By SMS

Now it is easy to check the authenticity of the drug you have purchased from the Druggist.

Apart from doing this, also check the expiry date on the label,composition, and for  Contra indications.(Reactions).

The Procedure..

Check Medicine Online for date of expiry
Check Medicine Online

Drug Authentication:

This is very useful to everyone…..

In India if at anytime you are worried that medicine is fake or counterfeit, you can test it by sending a  9/10 digit code as an SMS to 9901099010 and receive a reply back as to whether the drug is authentic.
 Whenever a unit of medicine is produced at the factory, it is labeled with a unique code provided by PharmaSecure. When you purchase a medicine you can send this code, which is printed on the package, to 9901099010 and receive an SMS, which tells you if the medicine is genuine and provides you with a batch number, expiration, and other drug information.

This message is a fact. This drug authentication service to test medicine is provided by PharmaSecure, a global innovator in drug authentication technologies and software. It provides three ways to check the authentication of specific, quality drugs:

1) Through their website portal, where you simply enter the authentication code printed on the drug package.

2) Through your mobile phone by sending the authentication code as an SMS to 9901099010

3) By calling +91 9901099010 and verifying your medicine over the phone via one of PharmaSecure’s agents.

Powered by Pharma Secure, manufacturers send an authentication message to their consumers stating that their medicine is genuine, along with the batch number.

Currently, Pharma Secure is working with ten of the leading companies in India to protect their brands with unique ID codes. Lupin and Unichem are among the companies that have started to implement the codes domestically, in the Indian market. However, more and more drugs are being coded by PharmaSecure. For more drug information on the medicines that PharmaSecure codes:
e-mail info[@]

The unique code is generally either a 9 or 8 digit number, not 10 digit like it is mentioned in the message. This is indeed a very useful service to put a check on the quality of drugs and test the authenticity of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

Pharma Secure
Online Drug Authentication Service

Lead Ack.Ram.


  1. Why it’s not made mandatory for every manufacturing companies listed in India.. like Cipla


  2. Which 10 digit code you are talking about… I’ve checked atleast 15 medicine strips & vial… 10 digit code has been found in none of them… plz explain


  3. this is fantastic. before it was impossible to check whether medicine is correct or not .By this means you are saving costly life.


  4. We were in India, with students who bought antibiotics at the little pharmacies on the streets. Is that considered OTC? In the US, you couldn’t do that without an RX. I love your philosophy of blogging and I adore incredible India. I hope you will check-out my blog at It is also a little this or that, but mostly about my Indian adventures.. . . .Namaste. . . Anne


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