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It is chic among self styled rationalists of Tamil Nadu to take a jibe at Hinduism at every opportunity. They pretend to be Secular and act as if they respect all religions. The meaning of respecting all religions is partaking in Ramzan Feast,Taking cake and celebrating Christmas,informing people that but for Christians Education in India would have been a myth and Indians would have remained barbaric;Tamil language ,Tamils and Tamil culture is against Vedic way of living,Brahmins are the root cause of evil in society ( funny part is that all these people have Brahmin Lawyers,Doctors ,Brahmin Auditors,Brahmin advisors): portrayal of Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas as Porn.

Tamil film lyricist Vairamuthu,who portrays himself as A Rationalist and follower of Self Respect movement and a Denier of Vedic way of living( it is another matter that he got married the Vedic way with a Brahmin priest officiating😂) commented a couple of years back that Sri. Andal, presiding Deity at Srivilliputhur, consort of Sri Vishnu as Deva dasi, in a meeting. When he faced public ire he initially said he had quoted from a research paper from Indiana? Later he gave out a statement that Andal was like his mother!

Portion of the book showing original quote

Now evidence has come out that the reference Vairamuthu quoted is non existent.Watch the video.For those who can not follow Tamil, I shall provide gist of the video in English.

Fake reference Of Vairamuthu exposed.

How A Fake reference was used

The said reference quoted by Vairamuthu, according to him was from a study from Indiana University and that he had referred to a research paper on Andal .

  • The first point of reference is a Book. The book is not from Indiana, It is from India, Published by Indian Institute for Advanced Studies, Published From Shimla, India.
  • The book was compiled and edited by Sri.S.C. Malik.
  • In this book there is a chapter on Indian Movements :Some Aspects of Dissent Protest and Reform .( University of Chicago Library).This was retrieved from the Chicago Library.
  • This portion in the book edited by S.C.Malik says Andal was a Devadasi in SriRangam, who lived and died there and they had quoted the source as 36.
  • The article was by Mr. Narayanan and Mr. Veludhath Kesavan.
  • This source is page no five of Sri.Gopinath Rao’s Lecture published in 1923.
  • The said reference by Gopinath Rao states that ‘Periyalwar’s daughter Andal , on coming of Age refused to marry anyone except Si.Ranganatha , Sri Rangam;Ranganatha appeared in a dream to Periyalvar and instructed him to bring Andal to Sri Rangam, Ranganatha’s House. Accordingly Periyalvar left Andal at Sri Rangam Ranganatha Temple and Periyalvar returned to his Home at Srivilliputtur..
  • There is no mention of the word Deva dasi anywhere in the above reference.

What is eveident is that Vairamuthu had deliberately quoted a Nonexistent quote to vilify Andal and Hinduism These half baked self appointed literati and custodians of Tamil Language specialize in ridiculing Hinduism and Tamil. Fact is they neither Know Tamizh nor Hinduism. ,What they know in Tamizh is a few catchy phrases from Tamil Literature learnt at college, if they had reached that stage at all, without going deep into the subject of Tamil.And of course belong to Cinema industry.That’s enough in Tamil Nadu to don the mantle of an Intellectual and a Rationalist. As to their knowledge of Hinduism……..Nunniyanool pala Karpinum…Thirukkural,

நுண்ணிய நூல்பல கற்பினும் மற்றுந்தன்
உண்மை யறிவே மிகும்.
மு.வரதராசன் விளக்கம்:

ஒருவன் நுட்பமான நூல் பலவற்றைக் கற்றாலும் ஊழுக்கு ஏற்றவாறு அவனுக்கு உள்ள தாகும் அறிவே மேம்பட்டுத் தோன்றும்.
சாலமன் பாப்பையா விளக்கம்:

பேதை ஆக்குவதற்கு உரிய விதி நமக்கு இருந்தால், நுட்பமான கருத்துக்களை உடைய பல நூல்களைக் கற்றாலும் இயல்பான அறிவே இருக்கும். ( அறிவு விரிவ பெறாது).
சிவயோகி சிவக்குமார் விளக்கம்:

நுட்பம் நிறைந்த நூல்கள் பல படித்தாலும் மாறாக பிறவியால் பெற்ற உண்மையான அறிவே மிகும்.
English Couplet 373:

In subtle learning manifold though versed man be,
‘The wisdom, truly his, will gain supremacy.
Couplet Explanation:

Although (a man) may study the most polished treatises, the knowledge which fate has decreed to him will still prevail.
Transliteration(Tamil to English):

nuNNiya noolpala kaRpinum matr

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