Super Continental Cycle By Puranas Accurate, Pangaea Plate Tectonics

According to Advanced Geology,Cosmology and Astronomy, the Universe is Cyclic.

That is, the events ,both terrestrial and celestial happen in a Cyclc order, that is happen again over and over .

This happens over last stretches  of Time.

That is in Millions of Years Ga.

So is Time,as Space and Time are inter changeable and Space is curved as also Time.

Both are beyond Time, that is immeasurable.

Space is Time and Tume is Space.

Please read my articles on Space, Time.

Hinduism, through the Vedas, the Scripture of Hindus and Puranas, ancient History of Hindus assert these facts.

Future Pangea.image
Pangea Super Continent 250 million years from now.
Pangea 250 million years old i.mage.
The First Super Continent Pangaea, 250 million years ago.

Now Time as Cyclic has been validated by Quantum Theory.

As to The Concept that physical events happen in cycles is validated buy Super Continental Cycles Theory.

The Puranas, especially the Vishnu and Brahmanapurana describe the same details- in fact with more detail and clarity.

The Super Continental Cycle Theory states that the first landmass was Pangea and after undergoing several changes,including the present landmass will once again form Pangea.

And this Cycle will be repeated.

Super Continental Cycle.

During Earth’s long history, there probably have been several Pangea-like supercontinents. The oldest of those supercontinents is called Rodinia and was formed during Precambrian time some one billion years ago. Another Pangea-like supercontinent, Pannotia, was assembled 600 million years ago, at the end of the Precambrian. Present-day plate motions are bringing the continents together once again. Africa has begun to collide with southern Europe, and the Australian Plate is now colliding with Southeast Asia. Within the next 250 million years, Africa and the Americas will merge with Eurasia to form a supercontinent that approaches Pangean proportions. The episodic assembly of the world’s landmasses has been called the supercontinent cycle or, in honour of Wegener, the Wegenerian cycle (see plate tectonics: Supercontinent cycle)…..

Recycling of Earth,Vishnu Purana.

passages as the following as intending the production of the chief principle (Pradhána). “There was neither day nor night, nor sky nor earth, nor darkness nor light, nor any other thing, save only One, unapprehensible by intellect, or That which is Brahma and Pumán (spirit) and Pradhána (matter) ” The two forms which are other than the essence of unmodified Vishńu, are Pradhána (matter) and Purusha (spirit); and his other form, by which those two are connected or separated, is called Kála (time) .When discrete substance is aggregated in crude nature, as in a foregone dissolution, that dissolution is termed elemental (Prákrita). The deity as Time is without beginning, and his end is not known; and from him the revolutions of creation, continuance, and dissolution unintermittingly succeed: for when, in the latter season, the equilibrium of the qualities (Pradhána) exists, and spirit (Pumán) is detached from matter, then the form of Vishńu which is Time abides ‘ ( Vishnu Purana ,Canto 1,Chapter 2)

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One response to “Super Continental Cycle By Puranas Accurate, Pangaea Plate Tectonics”

  1. Dear Ramai:

    Your blog on: “Super Continental Cycle”

    You state:
    “According to advanced Geology, Cosmology and Astronomy, the Universe is Cyclic.”

    This is your first statement to “Pangaea Plate Tectonics”. I do not disagree with you except upon your definition and terminology usage of what to exactly these are. For instance when you talk about using the term “Universe” are you talking about Bhu Loka? Or are you talking about ‘Surya (Solar) System’ with planets? or are you talking about Brahmananda? or are you talking about any or all the other Galaxies together besides the Milky Way Galaxy? In the Sri Mad Bhagavatam it is explained that the Bhu Mandala is many thousands of Yojana’s larger than the planet Bhu Devi (Gaia) and that inter-penetrate each other. So what to say about mixing up the so-called Tectonic Plates as the seven parts of Bhu Mandala, i.e., that covers the whole Galaxy? First Tectonic Plates may be a modern reality term to designate where crustal plates are separate when they are still tangiel to each other. But the movement of the plates in relationship to each other is not caused be some mysterious force that moves each of these land masses around willy-Nilly without a rudder bumping into and forming an Adi Varsha ~ or Hyperborean ~ or Gondwana (Lemuria) ~ or an Atlantis (Gaia) ~ or Aria (Earth) ~ or Aquaria (when all the continental Plates finally separate as lone continents). You depict the land masses formed on a smaller Circumferential Spheroid, placed onto a larger flat plain called a circle representing the Earth’s size as it is now, which is larger than the at the actual time period in what you are trying to depict.

    Before I go any further one must realize that Bhu Loka is alive and growing for lack of a better definition for most lay persons. It was smaller just like you when you were younger and now it is larger just like you when you are older. The Yuga Cycles are a very large expanses of time, calculated out in Devonic Cycles 1:360 ratio. Its all in the Sri Mad Bhagavatam. When it comes to time that deals with expanses of time larger than a Yuga, it is looked at as a cyclic portion of time (within consciousness) because the amount of time in relation to an ordinary life span of an average person (Corporeal Purusha) has a difficult time to relate to the differing expansive durations of time experienced by higher conscious entities (Jivatma/Purusha’s).

    The Nature of Linear Time verses Cyclic Time. First, “Cycle” is like a sine wave, it repeats itself. Second, a circle with a point on its edge rolling or turning as in a path (Linear) is only the same notion of a sine wave moving up and down simulating a wave structure (a cycle) of vibration. A linear representation of time is proportional to its diameter and is still a curved portion (of a Circle) that is only partial of the infinite eternality of cycles (each within the whole). In other words it seems strait and is only (representational), a repetitional to the whole. Therefore the time represented by a linear concept is only partial to the whole (cycle or circle) which is infinite. One must understand what part of the cycle one is focussing on (the up portion of the sine wave or the down portion) to assume a relation to time which cannot be understood except through the movement of matter in relation to the whole which we call time, in the present tense. Therefore time in the past and in the future cannot be recognized within this perspective. Only through the kaleidoscopic holographic senses of the inner consciousness of the Mind Body (Manas). All time phenomena perceived as eternal is cyclic in nature and can be only recognized through quality of consciousness that produces the cyclic notion, and perception to eternality. This is why great expanses of time are related to as Devachanic time, represented in terms of the seemingly eternal lifespans of higher conscious beings to which are ultimately experienced 49 times longer (as in time dilation) by the Demi-gods, such as Brahma in relation to time experienced here on the planet Earth (Gaia).

    Rama was in the last half of the Treta Yuga. Calculating his disappearance within the age he manifested, you must know the exact Rasis and Nakshatras, all the Planets were in during each pacific era of time being examined. You say that time repeats itself as if event by event happens exactly the same each time, but this is not what occurs during each cycle of Yugas. You see, that consciousness, is the determining factor as to what is a cycle and what are the influence thereof that impedes upon the individuals consciousness to make a decision that determines the actuality of occurrence in relation to the whole at that moment. Therefore, time line is established and the cycle of Yugas are not effected at all, just the permutable eternal existence of infinite creation and its influence (consciousness) upon a specific point of time duration.

    Rama did not disappear from this planet only 200yrs before the advent of Krisna Avatar! There are so many years of human corporeal time, from the beginning of ‘Treta Yuga’ to the end times of the ’Dwapara Yuga’ (21,600,000yrs). But there are similar positions, that planets can occur in the same configuration like bubbles within bubbles as far as time expansion occurs. So, finding a planetary configuration in one Yuga as opposed to another Yuga one must see the total of the Kalpa one is endeavoring to examine the Yugas position in relation to planetary configurations. The Srimad Bhagavatam does not say there were only 200yrs between Rama’s disappearance and the appearance of Krisna, NO!

    Your questions: So is Time; as Space and Time, are inter changeable and Space is curved as also Time?

    Space cannot be measured. Time is an abstract of measuring movement of mass through this timeless nothingness/void; it is not curved nor is it anything. It just is, as consciousness, in its supremacy as totally uniform and supreme, that is definition of “flat”, no form no beginning no end!

    Time that is measured is within bounded space; Karanodakasayi Vishnu breathes out (Perspiration) bubbles of potential electromagnetic energy called a Universe, filled by half of water and the other space.

    A description of Garbodakasayi Vishnu ~ Whom is lying on the Universal Waters that originate from His perspiration (Karanodakasayi’s), and which fill the Universe half way. In his navel (Garbodakasayi) is a lake, and from that lake grows a lotus stem. Lord Brahma is born within that lotus. Inside the stem of the lotus are the fourteen planetary systems (Bhu Lokas). Of course this is all symbolique in symbolic terms.

    In another statement of yours, you claim:
    “Space is Time and Time is Space”

    Contemporary Science has stated that “Space Time” does not have a time dimension! The concept of time as a way to measure the duration of events is not only deeply intuitive, it also plays an important role in our mathematical descriptions of physical systems. For instance, we define an object’s speed as its displacement per a given time (as in speed of light). But some researchers theorize that this Newtonian idea of time as an absolute quantity that flows on its own, along with the idea that time is the fourth dimension of spacetime, are incorrect. They propose to replace these concepts of time with a view that corresponds more accurately to the physical world:
    • Time as a measure of the numerical order of change.

    In other words Time is a sequence of durations, as experienced through our perception of the direct experience, by looking forward to the expected future outcome, in comparing it to what has been as remembered from the perceived relation or connection in the direct experience that co-insides to the known or accepted principles of change; influencing the direct experience we call, “The Here and Now”.

    They begin by explaining how we usually assume that time is an absolute physical quantity that plays the role of the independent variable; (Time ~ ‘t’; is often the x-axis on graphs that show the evolution of a physical system). But, as they note, we never really measure ‘t’. What we do measure is an object’s frequency, speed, etc. In other words, what experimentally exists are the motions of an object and the tick of a clock, and we compare the object’s motion to the tick of a clock to measure the object’s frequency, speed, etc. By itself, ‘t’ has only a mathematical value, and no primary physical existence.

    This view doesn’t mean that there is no such thing as time, but that time has more to do with space than with the idea of an “Absolute Time” (as in absolute infinite eternality). So while 4th-D spacetime is usually considered to consist of three dimensions of geometrical space and one dimension of duration, the researchers’ view suggests that:
    • “it’s more correct to imagine spacetime as four dimensions of space”.

    In other words, as they say, the “Space” itself is “TIMELESS”. So, this is the difference between bounded space, i.e. measurable time and un-bounded space, i.e. un-measurable time as in infinity ~ eternal.


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