How Much We Eat In A Lifetime

I was curious to know how much does one eat during a Lifetime?

There could  be variations between Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians.

And here could be differences between Races and cultural practices.

Some of the answers I found are.

Food Nutritional Value.
Nutrition Value of Food.

The answer is 25 tonnes of food in a lifetime of 80 years:We eat about 30,600 lbs. of food in a lifetime-.wikianswers


The average person eats 35 tons of food in a lifetime

That’s equal to 1500 pounds or 680.4 kilograms a year! In addition to the weight of the food, Americans jointly eat 900 billion calories every day!

900 billion calories, if you can imagine, is equivalent to 76,726,342.711 slices of cheese pizza! Since it takes 3500 calories to create one pound, consuming 900 billion calories would cause someone to gain 257142857.14 pounds or 116,638,038 kilograms!

Some one may calculate for vegetarians and Non Vegetarians in the Indian Context and let me know.

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