Bhaskararaya Lalita Sahasranamam Details

The Lalita Sahasranaama is a powerful Mantra and form a part of The Tantra, Yantra Shastras of India.


Lalita means’ one who plays”


This can be recited daily as a Paarayana and as a Puja.


Excepting Paarayana, the others have to be initiated by a Guru and performed.


The Lalita Sahasranama has the thousand names of the Devi Lalita.


Hinduism  describes the Reality as the One without Attributes, Nirguna,


It also provides for worshiping personal Gods,Iswara, Saguna Brahman.


Lalita Sahasranaama contains both Nirguna Upasana and Saguna.


Broadly the Stotra has Nirguna and Saguna Upasana.


It describes the Devi with Attributes in Saguna Saradhana Section, also details the Nirguna aspect.


In Saguna ,The Devi is worshiped as The Mother, as who else can take care of the Child but the Mother!


Nirguna follows the pattern of the Upanishads,’the neti Nyaya’ , that is not his, not this.


Nirguna, Nirahankaara….the list goes on.


And as a mode of worship of Shiva and Shakti it has Eykyaanusanthaanam, where the union of the individual and Universal Soul and of Shiva and Shakti are explained.



Lalita Sahasranaama also deals with the description of the Devi, Her Evolution, though not really She Evolves for “She Always Is’ the details of Her Dwelling place, Sri Pura and Sri Chakra,


The Stotra is Yantra Shastra because it deals with the Sri Yantra,


It deals with Tantra Shastra, when it deals with all the Tantra.


Akulaa Samayaanthastha Samayaachhara Thatpara’


It accommodates all the sects of Devi worship,Kulachaara,Samayaachaara,Vaamaachara, you name it , the Lalita Sahasranaama has it.


Lord Shiva divulged is and other stotras and it was later passed on to the others.


It is also on record  that Sri Lalita Devi had ordered Her Yoginins to compose this.


The Stotra also has Yoga embedded in it .


The Angannyaasa and Karanyaasa are of Yogic Discipline.


The various Chakras of the yoga are fixed in the Devi’ specifying the Chakra in its functional aspects.


The fundamental aspect of Human understanding, Thought and Words are embedded her.


‘SriMad vaakbha Koodaika swaroopa,


She rests as Savitri inin the tongue, remaining as Gayatri in the Consciousness Process and expresses herself as Sarasvati when words are formed.


She is the Swaroopa of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and She transcends them  All.


The  letters and words are locked mystically.


This Stotra contains the Bheejaakshara of Bhuvaneswari,Kali, Lakshmi.


And it contains Laita Thripurasundaris Akshara as well.


The practice of Bala as a Deity is also found.



I can go on writing on these lines, which I shall do later.


The reason for this post is about the The Giant who had written Bhashya, Explanation oh Lalita Sahsranaama, Sri Bhaskararaya.


He was born in 1690 in Bhaga, Maharashtra, India, is Mother Konamba and father Gambiraraya, a Scholar.


Gambirraya was conferred the Title ‘Bharathi by the Vijayanagar Empire.


He was of Viswamitra Gotra,


Gambiraraya administered the Saraswati Mantram and had Bhaskararaya trained under Sri Narasimha Advari in Benares,Varanasi.


Bhaskararaya was highly respected by the learned and won accolades from Kings and Scholars.


He was married to Anandhi and Parvati.


He  settled in Benares and wrote over 40 books on Vedanta, Mimamsa,Vyakaran,Nyaya, Smriti,Mantra Shastra.


All the works are research papers!


He referers to more than 150 sources for his laita Sahasranaama Bhahsya.


He had a host of Disciplies and Umanandanathar wrote  a book on Parasuramakalpasutram and a Biography of Bhaskararaya in Bhaskara Vilaasam.


Bhaskararaya , with the support of his disciples and the Kings had many temples renovated.


Then Bhaskararaya proceeded South, after staying for some time on the banks of the Krishna river and settled on the banks of  Kaveri.


A village was created for him as Bhaskararajapuram in Thanjavur district Tamil Nadu.


Later,reached Tiruvidaimaruthur,near Kumbakonam and lived there till 1785, till the age of  95.(1690-1785).


Among his many works the famous are.


Sowbhaagya Bhaaskaram’- this is the Lalita Sahasranaama Bhashyam.


Sethubandham , dealing ith Shodasikaavarnam.


Varivasya Rahasyam.


These three are called the Ratnathraya of Devi Upasana

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18 responses to “Bhaskararaya Lalita Sahasranamam Details”

  1. Sir your article on shri Bhaskaraya acharaya in very very motivating. I am reciting Sri Lalitha Shasransma daily. I have visited Sri Lalithadevi Temple at Thirumichiyur near Myladadurai south India. I am very much want to visit Shri Bhaskaraya acharaya home town. Pls share his address


  2. I have been wanting to get Sri Bhaskaraya’s works on Lalitha sahastranamam in English translation. Are they available? Where? Namaskaram.


  3. Your article motivates me to see Bhaskararajapuram (near Thiruvidaimarudhur) early though I had the inclination of seeing the same for the past several years!!..Bhaskara Raya was a great Samskrutham Scholar and his book Varivasya Rahasyam is like a treasure to me!!


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