Sanskrit Slokas Regards For Brahmins Chozhas Solar Dynasty Rajendra Chola Copperplates

Translation from Tamil by Microsoft Translator. Where the translation was found incorrect, I have corrected them. Yet, the language might appear stilted. The object is to share the information that the Chozhas in particular and Tamils in general were ) are not against Sanatana Dharma and Brahmins, as seculars project them to be.

Esalam copper plates released by Rajendra Chola
Discovered on 11-8-1987.
It also tells the battle victories of Rajendra Chola.
Esalam, also known as Thiruvirameswaram, is an old Shiva Sthala .
It is a village with a temple.

Esalam copper plates are a copper with 15 petals
Are crocheted in the ring. Chola Emblem in the ring .
Two fishes with the king’s tiger seal, a bow, a pig,
A marked chamomile, a white umbrella, a wheel, etc.
The symbols are inscribed –
Description of the Copper plates.
The length of the copper plate is 34 cm. The width is 16.5 cm. ring
Only 34 cm. Diameter is also 2 cm. They also have volumes.
The diameter of the seal is only 13.5 cm.

In this copper plate, the first four are Sanskrit sections in grantha lipi.

Name of the teacher who cut the copper plate, in Sanskrit
The name of the author, the 35 shlokas containing them
Types of Pa 1. Shraddha 2. Vasanthathilaka 3. Srakhdhara 4.
Sarthula Vikrititam 5. Malini 6. Sardula Vikrititam
etc. are explained respectively.
Length of land given to the temple


Total of the land provided
bound by
One hundred and nine cubits and half a mango two under the cashew nut
Makkani of the ninth under the cashew nut
It’s half the land. Roughly speaking, 109 fences
It is ten and a half ma.( A measure)

dry lands, water bodies, courtyards, gardens,
Ayyanarkoil, Kammalacheri, Paraicherry, Crematorium, Calf
Grazing grounds, canals as land areas and
This book, which describes the lands of the Divine, is of the Chola period.
History, Culture and Governance

Esalam copper plate a copper with fifteen petals
Crocheted in the ring. Chola in the ring
There is also the king’s tiger seal. Chola’s symbol
The tiger is accompanied by two fish and a bow. one more
Pig, Swastika, Chamara, and White Sparrow
The wheel is also on the seal. Fishes Pandiyar and Bow
conquered the Cheras and the Pig Chalukyas and their
It refers to the existence of the kingdoms in the Chola empire.
The wheel showed the emperor who ruled over vast regions.

Following the double fish are
Lampstand, sword, arrow and parasin seal .And the petal is an enlarged lotus of the bow
Below is a trident and a torana next to the pig.
Engraved. White umbrella, chamaram,,
Swastika, lampstand, etc., are auspicious symbols
It can be said that the soola, The Trident refers specifically to Lord Shiva.
Soolathevar copper idol is also found in some Shiva temples.
Many people know that there is. Place of Thoranam in the emblem .

.The name of the one who cut the copper plate, in Sanskrit is provided.
The name of the author, the 35 shlokas containing them
Types of Pa 1. Shraddha 2. Vasanthathilaka 3. Srakhdhara 4.
Sarthula Vikrititam 5. Malini 6. Sardula Vikrititam
etc. are explained…..

The word ‘slum'( ( Cheri- – Currently the term is used in the derogatory sense in Tamizh to indicate slum, conveying crowded cluster of semi permanent sheters with unhygenic facilities or hygiene.) The term refers to the area where people live together
The area where the Brahmins live together as the Brahmin Cheri.
Similarly, the area where paraiyars live together
It was given as Paraicherry. Esalam copperplate
Paraicherry is in place. The size of the land of The Kammalar Slum….
We see in the copper plate that this also existed. Crops
their role in the industry is also important. Ploughing
They are the cultivators and suppliers of the cultivators.
And the good and bad that happens in the town-
Paraiyar, the community, which conveys Royal news ,Edicts by the beating of the Drums,
It’s the community that performs this function.. They are engaged in harvesting in villages even today.

King Rajendra has donated the land. nannadu and erpakkam were merged and named as vikrama cholanallur. Vikrama Chola is one of the title names of Rajendra Chola. Sarvasiva Pandita, who has received charity, is the vijnāpti of this dānam. The following are the verses that have been studied in the 35 verses; 1. Srakhtara 2. Vasanthathilaka 3. Srakhdhara 4. Sarthula Vikrititam 5. Malini 6. Sarthula Vikrititam 7. Anushtup 8. Manjubashi m 9. Indravrajra 10. Indra Vajra 11. Upendra Vajra 12. Malini 13. Mandagranta 14. Mandagranta 15. Upendravajra 16. Srakhdhara 17, Sardhoolavikreeditam 18. Manjubhashi 19. Upendravrajra 20. Sarthula Vikrititam 21. Anushtup 2.2 . Upendravrajra 23. Sarthulavikrititam 24. Vasantha Tilaka 25. Sarthula Vikrititam 26. Vasantha Tilaka 27. Indra Vajra 28. Upendravrajra 29 …. 30. Sarthulavikrititam 31. Indra Vajra 32. Vasanthathilaka 33. Vasantha Tilaka 34. Anushtup.

Isana Siva Pandita was the kulaguru of Rajaraja
there was. After Rajaraja,
he was also the kulaguru of Rajendran chozha.
Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple Inscriptions Refer To Him
indicate him as Rajendran’s guru
Although he existed, in the later years of his reign
The Tanjore Big Temple inscription indicates the presence of Siva Pandithar.
The inscription and the Gangaikonda Cholichuram in the Koozham pandal
The temple inscription also mentions. Aryadesam, Central India and Gowdadesam
He summoned the priests.
We have seen in history that a large number of lands have been given.
Sarvasiva Pandithar Esalam who took over the Esalam temple
In the Sanskrit part of the copper plate and the Tamil part
mentioned. The king addressed him as ‘our udayar ,’ one who is our own.

Sanskrit Slokas in Rajendra Chola Copperplates..

பஞ்சாசதேவ லிபய : பரிவ்ருத்த ஸங்க்யா : 
ஸங்க்ய மதீத்ய ரவிவம்சகுணா: விபாந்தி 
ஏதைரஹம் கதமமூம் கதயாமி மஹ்யம் மாத : 
ஸரஸ்வதி லிபீரபரா : விதேயா : 

தேவமொழியில் ஐம்பது எழுத்துகள் உள்ளன . ஆயின் 
இரவிவம்சத்தின் குணங்களோ எண்ணிக்கையில் அடங்காத 
அளவு மிகுந்திருக்கின்றன . இச்சூழலில் இவ்வைம்பது 
அட்சரங்களைக் கொண்டு அவர்களின் குணநலன்களை எப்படி எடுத்து உரைப்பேன்.    'pañcācadeva lipaya : parivrutta sankhyaa : 
sankhya matītya ravivamsagunā: vibhānti 
ethairaham kadamamooM kathayami mahyam maatha : 
sarasvati libīrabarā : vidheya : 

There are fifty letters in the language of God. Ayin 
The qualities of the ravi dynasty are not numbered 
The quantity is too much. In this context, these five 
How to deal with their characteristics with these limited aksharas ( letters)....Mother! Some of the libis on the top of Saraswati 
Create me (the letters). 

Currently more than fifty in Sanskrit 
The letters, however, in ancient times as fifty 
Have been defined. A different slogan of the same opinion 
It is also in copper plates. Nanmugan's as the lord of education 
It is customary to mention Goddess Saraswati. To the poet of the cloud 
Kalaimagal's blessings can be seen from her words. 
aasitaadyo nrupānām manu : akila jagach ca r sha 

Saptasapte : 
ikshvaaku : dattanuja : pravaragunamanisreni 

Janmambu Rasi: 
maantaataa tasya vamse chaturuthi lasan mekalaa 

pātā vishvamparāyāya : kshiti pati makudaśreni 

Vruntangri Peetha 
The one who is awake to the universe and the seven gifts 

To the sun and to all the kings 
The first man was born. Ikshvaku was born to Manu. 
He was a sea of good qualities. his 
In the vamisa appeared a man called Manthatha. four 
He is the goddess of the earth who has the seas as a diane. 
The crowns of all the kings because they guarded 
They were the footstools. 
note. .....tatvamsaambu nite : sasi kalpa ityaagyaaM 

Tathano Abhavat 
ya : chakre valabhimpurīm nirupatipi : dordanda 

Dandanathai : 


Musukunta was born to him as his son. him 
Kalayavana, an expert demon, from his sleep 
musukunta woke up and burned the demon. 
Mukundan was happy with this. that dynasty 
King Valapa appeared as the moon of the sea 
Kings who defeated them by their own arm and army 
he created a city called Valabhi. 

Vallangizhan, which appears in Sangam literature 
Vallabhan is different. The puranic valaban here is different. 

sakala jalati vee y mekalalangrutayaa 
pathi : avaniyuvatyaa cholavarmaa asya vamse 
namatakila narendra vraada mauliprabhaabhi 
virasita saranābjo vīryavān avirāsīt 

of all the seas 

The waves 
Of the earth goddess with the shepherd 

The man 
Cholavarman appeared in that dynasty. 
of the kings who bow down at his feet, the mighty ones 
The the feet that resembles was illuminated by the brightness of the crowns. 
Chozhaavarman came to be known as Cholavarma. ( The Slokas. பஞ்சாசதேவ லிபய : பரிவ்ருத்த ஸங்க்யா : 
ஸங்க்ய மதீத்ய ரவிவம்சகுணா: விபாந்தி 
ஏதைரஹம் கதமமூம் கதயாமி மஹ்யம் மாத : 
ஸரஸ்வதி லிபீரபரா : விதேயா : ஸப்தஸப்தே : 
இக்ஷ்வாகு : தத்தனூஜ: ப்ரவரகுணமணிச்ரேணி 

ஜன்மாம்பு ராசி : 
மாந்தாதா தஸ்ய வம்சே சதுருத்தி லஸன் மேகலா 

லங்க்ருதாயா ; 
பாதா விச்வம்பராயா : க்ஷிதி பதி மகுடச்ரேணி 

வ்ருந்தாங்க்ரி பீட..ஸகல ஜலதி வீ Y மேகலாலங்க்ருதாயா 
பதி : அவநியுவத்யா சோளவர்மா அஸ்ய வம்சே 
நமதகில நரேந்த்ர வ்ராத மௌலிப்ரபாபி 
விரசித சரணாப்ஜோ வீர்யவான் ஆவிராஸீத்.
to him was born a son named Rajakesari. he 
Keerthi's. His son was Parakesari. 


He was born. Agastya to the sea, which is a crowd of enemies 
One like that will be parakesari. the names of these two 
properly the clan's 

issued. that order worshipped the kings 
It was arranged like a garland of crowns. 

Agastya, who was in the form of a dwarf, drank the sea 
It's a legend. Parakesari is as capable of acting as he is 
he says. Chola inscriptions and copper plates 
Orders in the names of Rajakesari and Parakesari 
indicate. With the help of the realities 
they have been identified by the researchers. 

arikālastato jajñe karikaalasatadhanvaye 

chakru yasya aajñayaa bhūpā kāverīdīrabandhanam 7 
In that dynasty, the enemy of the enemy, karikalan, the yama 
The king appeared. Accept his command 
Together, the kings took the banks of cauvery. 

Karikalan, who beat Sri Lanka, won 12,000 from there 
The soldiers were taken captive and brought to The Cauvery. 
Kallanai..(யசஸ்வீ ந்ருப : 
தத்ஸுனு: பரகேஸரீ ரிபு நிருப வ்ராதாங்க்ரிப்தி ) 

கும்போத்பவ : 
ஆஜ்ஞாய ஆல ( யத்குல ) ஜன்மனா க்ஷிதிபுஜாம் 

தன்னாமநீ ப்ரக்ரமாத் 
ராஜ்நாம் மௌலிபிர் ஆநதை ரநுதினம் மாலேவ 

ஸம்பாவிதா 6)ஸமஜனி விஜயாலய : ததீயே மஹதி குலே 

மஹனீய ராஜ்ய லஷ்மீ 
அனுபம விபவ ப்ரதாப வித்யா புஜபல 

விக்ரம சௌர்ய தைரியராசி 8
Vijayalaya, who is special in that great world 
He appeared. He is incomparable pride, prathapam (keerthi) 
of shoulder strength, prowess, suradhanam, courage, and 
He was a place of residence. 

After Karikalan, many kings came into the Chola dynasty. 
Yet the poet does not mention them in this copper plate. 
He's gone. The later Chola tradition came from him. 
Source in Tamil.Rajendra Chozhar Copperplates at Esalam 

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ल्हासा में मिले इंटरस्टेलर स्पेसशिप पर संस्कृत दस्तावेज

इस तरह की पांडुलिपि चीनियों द्वारा तिब्बत के ल्हासा में पाई गई थी । निम्नलिखित पढ़ें। ‘”नाइन अननोन मेन” ने कुल नौ किताबें लिखीं, संभवतः एक-एक ।  पुस्तक संख्या ” गुरुत्वाकर्षण का रहस्य था!”यह पुस्तक, इतिहासकारों के लिए जानी जाती है, लेकिन वास्तव में उनके द्वारा नहीं देखी गई “गुरुत्वाकर्षण नियंत्रण” के साथ मुख्य रूप…

மலேசியாவில்இந்து கலாச்சாரம் ராம பாததுளியின் அரசாணை

அனைத்து அரசு ஆணைகளும் ஸ்ரீ பாதுகாவின் பெயரால் வெளியிடப்படுகின்றன. இஸ்லாமிய வழிபாட்டுத் தலங்கள் கூட ஸ்ரீ பாதுகாவின் கட்டளைப்படி கட்டப்பட்டன. பினாங்கு  மசூதியில் சாசனம் உள்ளது, இது ஆங்கில மொழிபெயர்ப்பில் உள்ளது “இந்த மசூதி 1974 இல் செரி பாதுகாவின் உத்தரவுப்படி கட்டப்பட்டது.

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