Chera Chola Pandyas From Turvasu Ikshvaku Dynasty

The Puranas of ancient India provide the Timeline and Kings’ list of India. Misinformation that the Dravidas are a separate entity, has been going on for quite some decades,the idea being first planted by the British, developed by Mughuls and later eagerly embraced and promoted by the Secularists of India.

The Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu for their personal gains have been promoting this quite vigourusly since the days of the Justice Party in Madras Presidency. The DK,DMK and the AIADMK are but another form of the Justice Party,which was a tool in the hands of the Britishers.

The Nehruvian era wanted the label of Liberals,meaning denying a Nation it’s history and culture and promoted Western canards.

Not realising the danger,they too contributed to this idea by trying to impose Hindi and thus increased the divide between North and South.

I have,for the past eleven years,been researching the History of India from Indian and classical sources from the west.

I found that there is no iota of Truth in the Concept of Aryan Invasion and that the Tamil Kings and diaspora were divorced from Sanatana Dharm.

I have published quite a few articles proving that Tamils and Tamil kings were a part of Sanatan Dharm and Tamil kings were patrons of Sanatan Dharma.

And there were intermarriages between the Dynasties located in the north and the South.

Not only that.

The great Chera, Chola and Pandya Dynasties declare themselves to be descendants of Suryavansha , Ikshvaku Dynasty to which Lord Rama belonged and Chandravansh. The cholas recorded in the Copperplates of Thiruvalangadu that they descended from Ikshvaku Dynasty.And Cholas declare elsewhere that they belong to Kasyapa Gotra.

I have written on this.

I have been tracing the dynasties of India.

There were two Dynasties, Suryavansh and Chandravansh, Solar and Lunar dynasties.

Other Dynasties of India have sprung from these two.This includes the Yadava Dynasty,to which Lord Krishna belongs.

One finds that the Tamil Kings have descended from Turvasu ,second son of Yayati.The land alloted to them was what is now Bay of Bengal. This also tallies with Lemuria,the Land of Tamils.

His son Puru founded the Chandravansh,Lunar Dynasty.

Based on this one may conclude that Tamil Kings belong to Chandravansh, Lunar Dynasty.There is yet another angle. Manu,the first Human being, had a Daughter,Ila. She married Chandra and founded the Lunar Dynasty, Chandravansh.

As her brother Ikshvaku founded the Suryavansh,Solar Dynasty,Cholas might have claimed that they belong to Solar Dynasty, Suryavansh.

And note that these kings mentioned as having been the forefathers of Tamil Kings were the disciples of Sage Agastya.There is also the information that Agastya brought seventy two two families from Dwaraka before it sank,to South India. And they were the Velirs of Tamil Nadu,kings who were aligned to Cholas.

The Chandravansha was founded in Treta Yuga.

  1. Pururavas
  2. Aayu
  3. Nahusha
  4. Yayati was the youngest son of King Nahusha. He had 2 wives and 5 sons.Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu and King Puru were the 5 sons of Yayati.Devayani and Sharmishtha were the two wives of Yayati. (Contemporary to Demon King Vrishparva)

Turvasu Dynasty -Turvasu’s (the second son of King Yayati) descendants were called Mlecchas (who ruled in Balochisthan) as per Srimad Bagavatha Mahapurana and Dravidas (who ruled in South India). The following kings were the disciples of Sage Agastya (Developed Tamil language and created Kaveri River with the help of Lord Ganesha). He ruled Southern side of Bharatkhand.

‘Kulya (Prince of Andhra and whose descendants were Pallavas and Tondai Kings), Chola (Founder of Chola Kingdom and Dynasty), Pandya (Founder of Pandya Kingdom and Dynasty), Kerala (Whose descendants were Cheras) – Because of these kings Dravida Country (Tamil and Sanskrit are the two eyes of this country) was developed.,_Druhyu_and_Anu_Dynasties

In the nineteenth chapter of book nine of the Bhagavata Purana, Puru is described as having four brothers; Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu. He exchanges his youth for old age of his father Yayati when Yayati gets cursed by Shukracharya. In return Yayati makes him his descendant though he was youngest of all. His son and successor is named as his son was Práchinvat; his son was Pravíra; his son was Manasyu.

According to the Shatapatha Brahmana, Pururavas was the son of Budha (himself often described as the son of Soma) and the gender-switching deity Ila (born as the daughter of Manu). Pururavas’s great-grandson was Yayati, who had five sons named Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu,Anu, and Puru. These seem to be the names of five Indo-Aryan tribes as described in the Vedas.

According to the Mahabharata, the dynasty’s progenitor Ila ruled from Prayag, and had a son Shashabindu who ruled in the country of Bahli. Ila’s descendants were also known as the Ailas or Chandravansha

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