Bhagavatha Skanda Purana Identify Kumari Kandam

When one goes through the History of ancient India in detail by checking up various texts in  all the languages o India, especially the  ancient ones like Sanskrit and Tamil one finds that they corroborate each other.

Tamils, an ancient people of India, though followers of Hinduism have  a distinct identity o their own and have influenced the practices of Sanatana Dharma to such an extent that some Vedic practices have been modified  by the Rishis  and these practices are being followed by the  people from the South  of Vindhyas.

Kumari Kandam ,The Sunken Continent

The Rishi was Apasthamba and the wearing of Mangal Sutra was introduced from the Tamil Culture to Vedic Marriages.

Through the canards of  Aryan Invasion and the myth that Tamils were against Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma, facts point to the act that each support and corroborate the other.

Please read my articles on these subjects.

While the reference to Lord Subrahmanya as Skanda in Vedas is sketchy the Tamils worship Murugan, name meaning unsurpassed Beauty, was carried to such heights that he is credited with Lord Shiva and Sage Agastya as the founder of the  Tamil Language.

Lord Murugan has temples all over Tamil Nadu and one o the earliest temples in Pondicherry Saluvarkuppam is dated around 300 BC!

His six special temples called Arupadai Veedu, Six houses wich show the correct Path are in Tamil Nadu.

One of these is in Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu on the eastern coast.

He is reported to have won Sura Padma and killed him from here.


Note that Kumarikandam lies in that area.

‘In the 19th century, a section of the European and American scholars speculated the existence of a submerged continent calledLemuria, to explain geological and other similarities between Africa, India and Madagascar. A section of Tamil revivalists adapted this theory, connecting it to the Pandyan legends of lands lost to the ocean, as described in ancient Tamil and Sanskrit literature. According to these writers, an ancient Tamil civilization existed on Lemuria, before it was lost to the sea in a catastrophe. In the 20th century, the Tamil writers started using the name “Kumari Kandam” to describe this submerged continent. Although the Lemuria theory was later rendered obsolete by the continental drift (plate tectonics) theory, the concept remained popular among the Tamil revivalists of the 20th century. According to them, Kumari Kandam was the place where the first two Tamil literary academies (sangams) were organized during the Pandyan reign. They claimed Kumari Kandam as the cradle of civilization to prove the antiquity of Tamil language and culture.”

Kumari Kandam is detailed in ancient Tamil Literature in detail, including the Cilappadikaram and Manimekalai.

They record that, as the Sangam Literature does, that the Kumarikandam was destroyed by a Tsunami.

Kumarikandam is proved.

Please check my articles on this.

Skanda Purana deals with Lord Subrahmanya’s birth and exploits.

This also mentions Kumrikandam thus.

‘”Within Bhārata-varṣa, there are nine khaṇḍas. They are known as (1) Aindra, (2) Kaśeru, (3) Tāmraparṇa, (4) Gabhastimat, (5) Kumārikā, (6) Nāga, (7) Saumya, (8) Vāruṇa and (9) Gāndharva.”


CC Antya 2.10, Translation and Purport:

People from all over the universe, including the seven islands, the nine khaṇḍas, the planets of the demigods, Gandharvaloka and Kinnaraloka, would go there in the forms of human beings.

For an explanation of sapta-dvīpa, see Madhya-līlā, Chapter Twenty, verse 218, and Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Fifth Canto, Chapters Sixteen and Twenty. In the Siddhānta-śiromaṇi, Chapter One (Golādhyāya), in the Bhuvana-kośa section, the nine khaṇḍas are mentioned as follows:

aindraṁ kaśeru sakalaṁ kila tāmraparṇam
anyad gabhastimad ataś ca kumārikākhyam
nāgaṁ ca saumyam iha vāruṇam antya-khaṇḍaṁ
gāndharva-saṁjñam iti bhārata-varṣa-madhye,’

‘Kumari Kandam is described as the kingdom of the Earth in theAndakosappadalam section of Kanda Puranam.’

Aindram a Grammatical work of the early Tamils was destroyed.

This might be from the land mass Aindra.

Tamraparnam might mean the early Tamisl 47 Kingdoms.

River Tamraparni still flows in Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

This river lowed, in earlier times to further south  and joined the sea in Kumarikndam as the now defunct  ancient River Pahruli.

References and citation.,_there_are_nine_khandas._They_are_known_as_(1)_Aindra,_(2)_Kaseru,_(3)_Tamraparna,_(4)_Gabhastimat,_(5)_Kumarika,_(6)_Naga,_(7)_Saumya,_(8)_Varuna_and_(9)_Gandharva




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