Puranas As Body Parts Of Vishnu List

Puranas, compiled by Veda Vyasa are said to be the body pats of Lord Vishnu.



Here is the description.


1.Brahma Purana    –  Head


2.Padma Purana        –  Heart.


3.Vishnu Purana         Right Hand.


4.Shiva Purana                Left Hand.


5.Bhagavatha Purana-   Thighs.


6.Naradha Purana-          -Navel.


7.Markandeya Purana- Right Foot.


8.Agni Purana                     -Left Foot.


9.Bhavishya Purana           -Right Knee.


10.Brahma Vaivarta Purana-Left Knee.


11.Linga Purana                          -Right Testicle.


12.Varaha Purana                       -Left Testicle.


13.Kanda Purana                            -Body Hair.


14.Vamana Purana                        -Skin.


15.Kurma Purana                         -Back.


16.Matsya Purana                         -Body Fat.


17.Garuda Purana                          -Bone marrow and


18.Brahmanda Purana                  -Bones.


Source.Padma Purana.




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