Pitru Dosha and Parihara

When somebody tells me that they are going through a rough patch due to circumstances beyond their control, I tell them first to be sure that they are performing Sraddha for their ancestors regularly and whether they are following the Sumangali Prarathana done in their Homes.


As for as I know these are the prima facie reasons fo misfortune before we try doing any parihara.


I have some articles on the subject.



Such is the seriousness of Pitrudosha that it can nullify the effects of Poojas and Punyapalas.


As an aside, Matru Dosha is not being talked about as much.


Pirtu generally means ancestors, which includes women as well.


But there is difference in performing Sraddha between for Men and Women.


No Homa is done for Women.


Clarification, correction welcome.


Pitru Dosha does not happen not only because of the Horoscope, non-performance of Sraddha and Tharpana.


It applies to the sins accruing to one for not taking care of Parents when they were Alive.


It is very difficult to atone for the sin of ill treating parents while they were alive, not withstanding grand Dhanas and Sraddha after death.


Some signs of Pitru Dosha.


Their children may suffer from physical or mental disabilities right fro Birth.
Pitru Dosha leads to unfavorable environment in the house and Marital Disharmony.

Delayed marriage.

Unmanageable debts.

Infant Mortality.





There are some remedies.


Perform“Trapandi Shraddha
• perform Sraddha every year.
• Water The the Banyan tree.
• Perform Tharpana on every day during Mahalaya Paksha
• Feed  Brahmins on every “Amavasya”.
• Feed the poor during “Amavasya” and “Poornima” in a temple.

Feed the Crows daily

Feed the Ants  mixture of Rava or Broken Roasted Bengal gram(Pottukadalai) with Sugar.


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