Kayena Vacha Of Shiva Kara Charana Krutha Stotra

 Vedas describe the Reality as beyond Attributes.

We are a part of the Divine.

There are many paths prescribed in Hinduism to Realise the Self or God.

Four paths are provided.

The Path of Knowledge, Gyana Yoga,

Path of Action, Karma Yoga,

Path of Discipling the Mind, Raja Yoga and

The Path of absolute Devotion, Bhakti Yoga.

Whatever path one chooses one has to use his sense organs and mind.


these perform actions with our knowledge or unknowingly and these actions beget results which resultb in the cycle of birth and death, the cause of misery.

So Hinduism dedicates everything to Reality or personal God.

One such Prayer which is popular is the Kayena vacha addressed to Lord Narayana 

Please check my earlier post on this.

There is another sloka dedicated to Lord Shiva on similar,if not identical to Kayena Vacha Sloka.

It is Kara Charana sloka addressed to Shiva.

Here it is with meaning.

करचरण कृतं वाक्कायजं कर्मजं वा ।श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वापराधं ।

विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत्क्षमस्व ।

जय जय करुणाब्धे श्रीमहादेव शम्भो ॥

Kara-Caranna Krtam Vaak-Kaaya-Jam Karma-Jam Vaa |

Shravanna-Nayana-Jam Vaa Maanasam Va-Aparaadham |

Vihitam-Avihitam Vaa Sarvam-Etat-Kssamasva |

Jaya Jaya Karunna-Abdhe Shrii-Mahaadeva Shambho ||

1: Whatever Sins have been Committed by Actions Performed by my Hands and Feet, Produced by my Speech and Body, Or my Works,

2: Produced by my Ears and Eyes, Or Sins Committed by my Mind (i.e. Thoughts),

3: While Performing Actions which are Prescribed (i.e. duties prescribed by tradition or allotted duties in one’s station of life), As Well as All other Actions which are Not explicitly Prescribed (i.e. actions done by self-judgement, by mere habit, without much thinking, unknowingly etc); Please Forgive Them All,

4: Victory, Victory to You, O Sri Mahadeva Shambho, I Surrender to You, You are an Ocean of Compassion.

4 thoughts on “Kayena Vacha Of Shiva Kara Charana Krutha Stotra

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  2. Dear Ramani ji
    Kara charana and kaayena vacha both compared, analysed and well explained with meaning. Though we know both these and use in day to day life, this article helps us know the meaning better. Kaayena vacha used by all sects of Brahmins in all rituals. But actually kara charana is used as a slokam and sung by some Carnatic musicians and bhagavathas, and recited by a lesser percentage. Hope this blog helps all who read this and take this to others after reading this.
    Thank you


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