Rama Date One Million Years Ago Gomphotheriidae Elephant Proof

Gomophotheres,Wild elephant of ancient times.image

Knowledge , in my opinion, is, jumping from one uncertainty to another.

The consoling factor is that the latest information is less uncertain than the earlier one.

( Hindu Texts say Knowledge is nothing but removal of ignorance, by stages)

Planetary Alignment At The Time of Rama’s Birth.

Lord Rama’s Date has been determined by various tools.

Please read my posts  on Dating Tools of Ramayana, Mahabharata.

Work in progress on the four-tusked elephant Stegotetrabelodon syrticus.jpg Image,Work in progress on the four-tusked elephant Stegotetrabelodon syrticus.

Some of them are,

Literary, both Indian and Foreign.

Etymology from Sanskrit and Tamil.

Cultural behaviour.



Each one of these has its strength and weaknesses.

When we speak of archeology, it has to be borne in mind that when one digs he hits the top available layer of the site.

If the events had taken place over thousands of years, then the layers one finds may not reflect them as we would have it the first layer available, because the deposits of the earth would have covered the earlier ones.

In the case of Astronomy, by far the best tool, which none can tamper-with, has its peculiar problem.

Planetary Alignment at the Time of Rama's Birth..Image.jpg
Planetary Alignment at the Time of Rama’s Birth.

When one dates with the help of Astronomy, one must remember that astronomical events repeat themselves at regular intervals.

Which one has to be taken into account ?

The issue is very much relevant in dating the Indian Puranas and Ithihasa.

They cover vast stretches of Time.

Lord Rama Has been dated at 5114 BC.

Please read my Post.

But the event verified by planetary  positions indicate, as I observed earlier, that there have been similar Planetary configurations.

So to determine the date, one has to seek the help of the other tools.


In this case, it is Valmiki’s Ramayana.

In the Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara-Kanda (or Book 5), Chapter 4, verse 27, [Gita Press, Gorakhpur, India] it explains that when Hanuman first approached Ravana’s palace, he saw the doorways surrounded by horses and chariots, palanquins and aerial cars, beautiful horses and elephants, nay, with four-tusked elephants decked with jewels resembling masses of white clouds.

Elsewhere in the Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara-Kanda (or Book 5), Chapter 27, verses12, an ogress named Trijata has a dream of Lord Rama, which she describes to the other demoniac ogresses upon awakening. In that dream she sees Rama, scion of Raghu, united again with Sita. Sri Rama was mounted on a huge elephant, closely resembling a hill, with four tusks.

(The question is how could there be a mention of the elephants with four tusks unless Valmiki and the people of his era were familiar with such creatures? A quick search on the Encarta Encyclopedia will let us know that these four-tusked elephants were known as Mastodontoidea, which are said to have evolved around 38 million years ago and became extinct about 15 million years ago when the shaggy and two tusked Mastodons increased in population.”)

Valmiki does not lie.

His facts check out in Geographical descriptions and astronomical events.

Wherever he has used Hyperbole, it is easily distinguishable.

Those  who know Sanskrit know how to identify them.

triviSTapa nibham divyam divya naada vinaaditam |
vaaji heSita samghuSTam naaditam bhuuSaNaiH tathaa || 5-4-26
rathaiH yaanaiH vimaanaiH ca tathaa gaja hayaiH shubhaiH |
vaaraNaiH ca catuH dantaiH shveta abhra nicaya upamaiH || 5-4-27
bhuuSitam rucira dvaaram mattaiH ca mR^iga pakSibhiH |
raakSasa adhipateH guptam aavivesha gR^iham kapiH || 5-4-28

26,27,28.. mahaakapiH= The great Hanuma; aavivesha= entered; guptam= secretly; raakshasaadhipateeH= Ravana’s inner city; trivishhTapaHnibham= (which was like a) paradise; divyam= best one; vaajighoshhitasangushhTam= resonating with neighing of horses; tadhaa= and; naaditam= made noisy; bhuushhanaiH= with ornaments; radhaiH= by chariots; yaanaiH= by vehicles; vimaanaishca= and by aerial-cars; tadhaa= and; bhuushhitam= decorated by;; subhaiHhayagajaiH= by auspicious horses and elephants; swetaabranicayopamaiH= equalling a group of white clouds; vaaraNaishca= by great elephants; caturdantaiH= with four tusks; mR^igapakshibhiH= by animals and birds; mattaiH= in heat; ruciradvaaram= with a beautiful entrance; rakshitam= protected; yaatudhaanaiH= by raksasas; sumahaaviiraiH= with great strength; shahasrasheH= in thousands.

The great Hanuma entered secretly Ravana’s inner city which was equal to paradise, rendered noisy by neighing of horses and tinkling of ornaments, by chariots, vehicles and aerial-cars and decorated by auspicious elephants and horses and great elephants with four tusks and by birds and animals in heat. It had beautiful entrances and was protected by thousands of rakshasas with great strength..

Sundara Kanda Sarga 4, Verse 26, 27 and 28)

raameNa saMgataa siitaa bhaaskareNa prabhaa yathaa |
raaghavashcha mayaa dR^iSTashcha turdaMSTraM mahaagajam || 5-27-12
aaruuDhaH shailasaMkaashaM chachaara sahalakShmaNaH |

12. siitaa = Seetha; saMgataa = came together; raameNa = with Rama; prabhaa yathaa = like the light; bhaaskareNa = with the Sun; raamashcha = Rama also; mayaa dR^ishhTaH = was seen by me; aaruuDhaH = (to be) mounted; mahaagajam = on a great elephant; chaturdraShhTram = with four tusks; shailasaMkaasham = equalling a mountain; chachaara = (and) wandered; saha lakshmanaH = together with Lakshmana.

Seetha came together with Rama like the light with the Sun. Rama also was seen by me to be mounted on a great elephant with four tusks and equalling a mountain and Rama wandered together with Lakshmana.”

(Sundara Kanda Sarga 27 , Verse 12)

त्रिविष्टप निभम् दिव्यम् दिव्य नाद विनादितम् |
वाजि हेषित सम्घुष्टम् नादितम् भूषणैः तथा ||

रथैः यानैः विमानैः च तथा गज हयैः शुभैः |
वारणैः च चतुः दन्तैः श्वेत अभ्र निचय उपमैः ||

भूषितम् रुचिर द्वारम् मत्तैः च मृग पक्षिभिः |
राक्षस अधिपतेः गुप्तम् आविवेश गृहम् कपिः ||

The great Hanuma entered secretly Ravana’s inner city which was equal to paradise, rendered noisy by neighing of horses and tinkling of ornaments, by chariots, vehicles and aerial-cars and decorated by auspicious elephants and horses and great elephants with four tusks and by birds and animals in heat. It had beautiful entrances and was protected by thousands of rakshasas with great strength.

(Sundara Kanda 4th Sarga 26 – 28 Slokas)

उत्तमम् राक्षसावासम् हनुमानवलोकयन् |
आससादाथ लक्ष्मीवान् राक्षसेन्द्रनिवेशनम् ||

चतुर् विषाणैर् द्विरदैः त्रिविषाणैः तथैव च |
परिक्षिप्तम् असम्बाधम् रक्ष्यमाणम् उदायुधैः ||

Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded. It was protected by soldiers bearing raised weapons.

(Sundara Kanda 9th Sarga 4 – 5 Slokas)

Here, Sage Valmiki describes elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks and those with two tusks.

*Image of Gomophotheres set as featured Image at the top of this article.

Description and places  where it lived,according to Modern Zoology.

Welded beast”
3 m (10 ft)
4 tons
3,600,000 B.C.
Bavaria, Germany; Nyanza and Rift Valley, Kenya; Södermanland, Sweden; Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, and Tennessee, United States

You find India missing!


Now  History of Biology proves that,

“The Gomphotheriidae were a diverse taxonomic family of extinct elephant-like animals (proboscideans). Referred to as gomphotheres, they were widespread in North America during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, 12–1.6 million years ago. Some lived in parts of Eurasia,Beringia and, following the Great American Interchange, South America. Beginning about 5 million years ago, they were gradually replaced by modern elephants, but the last two South American species, in the genus Cuvieronius, did not finally become extinct until possibly as recently as 9,100 BP, and Stegomastodon remains have been dated as recently as 6,060 BP in the Valle del Magdalena, Colombia. Gomphotheres also survived in Mexico and Central America until the end of the Pleistocene

Ramayana took place in the Treta Yuga, according to Valmiki and other Puranas.

Treta  Yuga was about ,

“The duration of the Tretā-yuga is 3,600 x 360, or 1,296,000 years. The duration of the Dvāpara-yuga is 2,400 x 360, or 864,000 years. And the last, the Kali-yuga, is 1,200 x 360, or 432,000 years in total.” (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.11.19) . These 4 yugas follow a timeline ratio of (4:3:2:1).

That’s about a Million Years ago.

(Please read my Post Million Year Old Tamil Quotes Vedas)

Hence the astronomical calculation being cited to date Rama at 5114 BC can be revised to the same astronomical Event around one Million ago.

So Lord Rama can be dated around One Million years ago, considering this evidence and the dates of Dwaraka(Dated 32 000 years ago), the earliest dwelling Tamil Site in Chennai which is a Million Years old.( and Tamil quotes Ramayana)


  Stephen-Knapp.com – http://www.stephen-knapp.com/lord_rama_fact_or_fiction.htm)





5 responses to “Rama Date One Million Years Ago Gomphotheriidae Elephant Proof”

  1. The Yuga calculation is erroneous, As recent as 12000 years ago, each yuga was of 5 years, a chaturyuga of 20 years. The Asura calculation is depicted here erroneously as retrospective, that was made for eliminating time difference.The Kaliyuga was made 1lakh plus years after last Dwaparyuga of 12000 years not before. That too leaves a time difference of 20 seconds. Hence Ramayana can only be 14000 plus years before, not older.

    The 4 tusks elephants as per recent fossil discoveries became extinct only 9 to 6000 years BC and not millions of years ago as encyclopedias state.

    The Ankor Vat temple depicts wars,carved with 4 tusk elephants used in war.


  2. There is no fixed definition of a Yuga. The definition of a Yuga changed many times in sanskrit literature. So this definition that millions of years ago Ramayana occurred is not truth. Nilesh Oak dated ramayana to 12000 years ago.




    I read a line on your blog that CASTE IS BY DISPOSITION AND NOT BY BIRTH.

    All of your articles are good enough, although needs to be better categorized and arranged well in order.

    Coming to this CASTE by disposition and NOT by birth, this is exactly where you miss the PRECISION mark.

    If you were told that MANGO is due to the presence of another fruit called BANANA and it is by disposition that it is a MANGO and NOT by birth, what would be your response ??

    Exactly similarly is CASTE. It is indeed definitely by BIRTH and NOT by disposition.

    We do not need to CATER to the public or to a sentiment just because a vast majority are sending signals to create a phobia in us.

    People of all castes say their caste with pride.

    The peacock displays itself with pride.

    The Lion displays it’s manes with pride.

    Just because the number of Lions is dwindling, the Lion does not shed it’s manes and say, by disposition it was a lion but by birth it is PIECE OF UN-MOULDED CLAY that later by disposition GOT SHAPED as a LION.

    Just because a person, despite being an Advocate, interprets the illustration listed in a CrPC manual, as suits his own thinking pattern, the CrPC law by itself does not change to suit his thinking pattern.

    Many people have come, stayed and Left, EMPTY-HANDED in their attempts to ERASE CASTE.

    You call it Caste.


    The reason for the CASTE argument as being one by disposition ALWAYS FAILED due to ONE REASON.

    That reason is :


    Unity in Diversity is the very nature of creation.

    Mangoes, Apples, Chikoo, Banana, Jack-Fruit,…etc etc

    Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Bison,…etc etc

    Man, Woman

    Short Man, Tall Man

    Fair skinned, Dark Skinned

    Short woman, Tall woman,…etc etc etc


    By saying CASTE IS NOT BY BIRTH, you are telling the creator that he is not supposed to exhibit diversity.

    By dictating terms to the creator, you are telling him that he should never project diversity.

    This means one after the other, ALL DIVERSITY should be eliminated and finally GOD the creator alone remains. This brings you to ISLAM which maintains such a theory.

    Then what about this MULTITUDE and VAST life-forms ?? How do you explain this if you fight diversity ??

    Then in that case, you become the destroyer and your concepts become the New Vedic Injunction.

    It is not so.

    The creator God, the supreme master, creates as per a frame-work that we know as Vedic Injunction.

    By FIGHTING AGAINST DIVERSITY, you are placing a LIMITING ADJUNCT on the Supreme God.

    So, Diversity should then be removed. Then you will not exist. Your Neighbour will not exist, nobody will exist.

    Then what about this creation and the vastness of it’s nature, distributed in multiple forms and shapes and states of existence ?


    But, the creator says ” I can take on any shape, any form,…etc….By limiting myself with limiting adjuncts, I would be indirectly telling that I am not capable of EXISTING AS that particular plant, animal,…etc …. Yes, each of these diverse forms are mine and hence you need to see me as the UNIFYING FORCE within each of these DIVERSE forms. ”





    This argument is a fallacy.

    since it is the SAME RAMANAN, sugar and salt are the same and they become different by disposition and not by birth ‘.

    This too is a fallacy since sugar is sugar by birth and salt is salt by birth.

    Disposition ( whether you add sugar to payasam or to coffee, sugar remains sugar as it was at birth.

    whether you add salt to rasam or to upma, salt remains salt as it was at birth ‘.

    IPSO FACT, caste too is BY BIRTH and not by disposition.


    • I have quoted Krishna and Vedas on Caste.As to organsing Categories,I agree as I keep writing as ides strike me.I shall be organising them better when I a bring out the Book.Regds


      • Please listen to the Purusha Sooktam which clearly mentions the caste ( Gradational Pattern of existence ).

        If you are referring to the lord’s janmanaath jaayathae… samskaaraath dwijam uchyathae, please be informed that right interpretation is exactly what has been missed out in today’s world.

        What the Lord meant was that the method of birth from the womb is common to all the castes just as the stomach for food is common to all beings.

        It is samskaaraas ( latent impressions of thoughts, words and deeds of previous births, leading to formation of genetic mould of the present birth.

        Similar to the ninth floor being called so owing to it’s very existence ABOVE the ground, the gradations ( castes ) in accordance with the verses of the Purusha sooktam, are referred to as different castes owing to their individual level of refinement and thereby classified based on the percentage of refined patterns at the genetic level that takes form by birth.

        As for the word ” disposition “, please note that by disposition, it be interpreted in it’s literal sense as ” state of being owing to a particular condition “.

        say for example : It is summer due to the intense focus of the Sun’s rays and It is winter due to the absence of the same.

        But the word ” disposition ” should not be faultily interpreted as one’s profession.

        The genetic mould at birth does not change it’s natural framework owing to the actions of the individual.

        This truth is best explained by drawing a reference to salt and sugar.

        Salt and Sugar are both white in colour.
        But Salt does not become sweet when added to paayasam.
        So too Paayasam does not become sweet when salt is added.

        Similarly, Coffee does not taste sweet when salt is added to it. The same sugar does not become salty when added to milk.
        Salt remains salt and Sugar remains sugar.
        It is the natural framework.
        By changing their application, their fundamental and basic essence ( genetic framework ), does not change.

        Faulty application brings a negative comment about the faulty application but it does not change the inherent natural quality of either salt or of sugar.

        Exactly Similarly, caste is by birth and not by disposition.

        Alas ! As kali yugam is now in it’s 5,116th year and there are many lakhs of years for kali yugam to end, it is the very fate of kaliyugam to see dark clouds hovering over the crystal clear human mind that is essentially naturally built by the Creator Lord to reflect his own existence with crystal clear clarity.
        Owing to this, the human thinking assumes a cloudy shade and it is in the fate of souls born in Kaliyugam to clean this mirror of the human mind, everyday.
        It is here that the rituals specified for each caste, comes to the rescue. The sandhyavandhanam, kula devatha worship,…etc.

        Every caste with it’s own set of specified rituals, similar to using of a wrench by the plumber and the saw by the carpenter.

        Finally, last but not the least, it be mentioned as the fact that each soul is born to express itself as the reflection ( chaitanya ) of the supreme soul, the Lord Paramatma, just as the tiny drops of water, each of different sizes and shapes , reflecting the light of the same Sun.

        ” Just as the tiny drops of water, each of different sizes and shapes, reflecting the light of the same Sun “.


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