Gayatri Mantra Produces Sound Waves Hoax And Real Study

Gayatri Devi.image

In the year 1969, when I was studying in the Vivekananda College,Chennai, I had a professor of Indian Philosophy, Dr.Radha Krishnan.

He demonstrated an experiment on the Mantras,

He had l a learned Veda Pandit  recite the Beeja Mantras.

Effect of Gayntri Mantra on Human Body.Image.jpg
Effect of Gayntri Mantra.

The Mantra on Ganesha produced an outline of Ganesha as we see Him in Temples appeared on the TV Screen, though the details were not very distinctively seen.

Similar results were for Devi and Subrahmanya and Rudra.

But when the Gayatri Mantra was recited, the picture tube blew up.

We left it at that.

What is certain is that the Mantras unleash energy, at highest levels.

I had posted an article as to how the first two lines of The Purusha Suktha produce electricity and a Bangalore based Company has developed the technology.

And there are reports that Shiva Linga spewed DNA.

Consider the points of similarity between D.N.A. and Shiva.

It is well known that Shiva is Ugra and his name also is Ugra. Ugra means an acid. D.N.A. is also an acid. Vedanta calls that Hiranyagarbha as Sutratma.

Sutratma means an Atma in the form of Sutra i.e. a thread or filament.

The modern science admits that a DNA molecule is really like a thread or filament.

“In a single human germ-cell this filament of DNA is about one metre in length”, says Watson in his book ‘The Double Helix’.

The Yoga-science calls it Mahan, the great. It is really great because it is present in all the living things.

Its molecular weight is one million, so the scientists call it ‘great’. It has no birth. It develops from itself. DNA also duplicates, that means develops from itself. Mr. J. D. Watson describes this as ‘self replication’.(Ramani’s blog)

The Gayatri Mantra is the most potent of all Mantras.

I reproduce abstarct of some research on the Gayatri Mantra.

Gayatri Mantra – A Study



A Dissertation Submitted By Neha Racca

Under the guidance of Prof. N.V.C.Swamy & Dr. H.R.Nagendra


Abstract: The Gayatri occurs in the Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas. It is a prayer to the sun, supposed to be recited ritualistically at dawn, midday and dusk. Even though the Mantra is known as the Gayatri, its real name is Savitri Mantra. There are thousands of Mantras in the Vedas set to Gayatri Chandas. However, the Savitri Mantra is so famous that it has come to be associated with the Chandas itself.

Here in this report I have tried to provide a bird’s eye-view of the subject. This work gives a brief summary of the various aspects of Gayatri Mantra.

The report starts with a brief description of Mantra yoga and japa, which includes Gayatri Mantra as japa. This is followed by the description of the Gayatri as personal mother and its inner meaning. Then the story of Vinvamitra is mentioned who was the rishi to whom Gayatri was first revealed.

The most basic of all samskaras namely upanayana and the significance of the sacred thread is given in detail. The use of Gayatri Mantra in the form of meditation and as the greatest step towards illumination is included in this report.

Then comes the Gayatri sadhana and how one can practice Gayatri meditation and the technique of japa with the beauty of the powerful kriya while chanting the Gayatri Mantra. The report closes with the benefits of the Gayatri Mantra in various aspects such as psychological, physical, spiritual etc. and tells us the way to get rid of our general problems.

An attempt has been made in this report to cover most of the major aspects of Gayatri Mantra and the different types of Gayatris to help in different ways. Still I believe since it is a very vast subject I must have left some aspects of the greatest Mantra Gayatri, but it gives almost everything in brief about our earliest and traditional Mantra ie. Gayatri Mantra and sandhya vandana.


Summary & Conclusion:  

  1. Present study was designed to examine the possibilities of influencing the REG by Gayatri Mantra chanting (GM) in contrast to Random Thinking (RT) sessions in normal males: (a) before and after GM session & (b) before and During the GM sessions and (c) during and post sessions.

  2. Present study further examined whether GM can enhance the capacity of individuals who can significantly influence the REG in comparison to Random Thinking.

  3. Thirty males in the age group 18 to 25 years participated in Gayatri Mantra chanting (GM) on the first day and Random Thinking (RT) session at the same time on the second day and repeated them alternately for two more days to check the reproducibility of the results.

  4. The pre, during and post sessions of GM and RT for 10 minutes each having same number of trials (ie. 10). The output display of Random Event Generator (REG) on a laptop computer was used to assess the influence of the state of mind associated with the above sessions.

  5. The PRE – PRE comparisons show that pre-data do not differ significantly (p>0.1) between the two events showing a matching of initial data in both the events, as done for the base line comparison.

  6. The pre-post data showed no significance in both the sessions although there was significant change in set 2 for GM session.

  7. The PRE vs DURING data showed highly significant changes in GM group, though there was little significance found in RT group also in set 2.

  8. The number of episodes in which the REG could be influenced significantly (mean value>101.00) was analysed next. The results showed that there was a highly significant increase in the PRE vs DURING data of GM. There was no significant increase but a decrease in the PRE vs DURING of RT, DURING vs POST in both GM and RT sessions showed no significance but, PRE Vs POST data showed highly significant decrease in the RT session compared to the GM session for both the set of experiment.

  9. There was significant change between GM and RT sessions. While during gayatri mantra chanting the values increased, it decreased in the random thinking sessions. This shows significance between the two groups, during the sessions, when analyzed for both the data. However, we can see significant change in the pre-post session also in set 2 when analyzed for the all values.

The results indicate a distinct possibility of enhancement of the power of influencing the REG in Gayatri Mantra Chanting (GM) sessions compared to Random Thinking (RT) sessions.

Study of Gayatri Mantra Effects.


The aim was to evaluate the effects of Gayatri mantra (GM) chanting on attention as measured by digit-letter substitution task (DLST).

Settings and Design:

School setting and self as control study design.

Materials and Methods:

Subjects consisted of 60 school students included (boys = 30 and girls = 30) in the age range of 12-14 years, who were trained for chanting GM for 5 days. They were assessed on DLST immediately before and after two sessions (i) GM chanting (10 min) and (ii) Poem line (PL) chanting with an equal duration (10 min). Fifty percent of participants performed GM chanting and remaining on the PL recitation on day 6. The orders of the sessions were reversed on day 7.

Statistical Analysis Used:

Repeated measure analysis of variance with Bonferroni adjustment used.


Both sessions showed significant improvement in the total and net score of DLST. The magnitude of net score improvement was greater after GM (21.67%) compared to PL (4.85%). Female group had found better performance following GM compared to PL chanting.


Both GM and PL led to improvement in performance, as assessed by DLST. But the influence of GM had significantly higher than PL in net score of female group.

When real scientific evidence is proving the efficacy of Mantras and Hinduism is being validated by scientific methods, though some facts mentioned by Hinduism are not verifiable because of the nature of Facts, some get carried awy and produce information that is incorrect.

These interpretations of Hinduism bring disrepute to Hiinduism.

For example read this story.

The said author seems to have written no books on the subject nor are there references to the study.

“Dr.Howard Steingeril,
an american scientist, collected Mantras, Hymns and invocations from all over the world and tested their strength in his Physiology Laboratory…

Hindus’ Gayatri Mantra produced 110,000 sound waves /second…

This was the highest and was found to be the most powerful hymn in the world.
Through the combination of sound or sound waves of a particular frequency, this Mantra is claimed to be capable of developing specific spiritual potentialities.
The Hamburg university initiated research into the efficacy of the Gayatri Mantra both on the mental and physical plane of CREATION.’

Comment on this,

This appears to be a hoax. Search internet for Dr Howards Steingeril and you will find no papers, books, and not even a mention of his name other than where this email is mentioned. Moreover, what is sound waves/seconds? Hz x 60? If so, this mantra produces sound frequency of 6,600,000Hz = 66000 KHz = 66 MHz. This falls within Ultrasound range typically used for medical purposes. More importantly, human ear can sense sounds between 20Hz and 20000Hz. Since the mantra can be heard by human ear, the sound frequency is clearly less than 20KHz.

There are no instruments or non-human elements to the sound produced by this chanting, so if this were to be true, the same source (human voice) has to be producing sound at two distinct frequencies at the same time. That is a scientific impossibility.’

However I am of the opinion that the energy part is true but it is yet to be proven empirically.


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31 responses to “Gayatri Mantra Produces Sound Waves Hoax And Real Study”

  1. sir, as u mentioned earlier in this article about ganapati’ s out line appearing in tv.. regarding this i hv a personal experience .. i got upadesha of mahaganapathi mula mantra.. n doin this for past 4 years… every i hv do mahaganapati homa .. while doin so, during the time of completion of the homa maha ganapathi appeared n the yajna kunda n it z also captuerd n the photo so beatifully… it s there n my fb gallery… Harsha cheluvaraj… any body can c it..


  2. “But when the Gayatri Mantra was recited, the picture tube blew up” I didn’t get it? What picture tube your are referring here?


  3. Dear Ramanan
    An elaborate analytical article on the prime Gayathri Mantra is very interesting. This would, in my opinion, enthuse our people to recite/ continue to recite Gayatri Mantra.
    The articles you post in your blog are quite interesting and valuable. God bless you to continue this service of enlightening.


  4. I have heard about the efficacy of the Gayathri Manthra. This information is very interesting.


  5. I was arround 20 years old a friend of mine- Jain – very relgious asked me to chant Gayatri Mantra morning and night ( sleeping time ) since the time I am chanting Gayatri Mantra- morning and before sleep I feel calm peacefull


  6. Very good study…. This is very evident that religious books of Hindus are based on science and lots of researches.. they are not simply created by some ppl who don’t have any work to do…

    My comment is just a small one – Gayatri mantar was put forwarded by rishi called Vishwamitra. please correct the same in the text…

    Thanks for this beautiful study…


    • Thanks .The post mentions Sage Viswamitra in the passing as the Post is more about the scientific spects of Gayatri. I hve more articles on Gyatri where I have details on Viswamitra, to whom the Mantra was revealed first.Regds


  7. Excellent sir. Awaiting for more. Is it possible to share the full report? I am very much interested.


    • Hi I am a student Dr.Howard is a rich man in England when he started to know about mantras he started to know the power of them.Then he started to collect all hymns and mantras and opened a physiology laboratory and spent his whole savings. But when he told about his research everyone was surprised about the power of mantras and stopped him his research which he was tried to know the importance of these mantras when he experimented Gayathri mantra the result was shocking he saw the hz and he was surprised about the result they can’t be heard by humans.But the people around his research which he want to out know.


      • I have published an article Earth’s Breath OM Schumann Resonance.Will be publishing more.On Agnihotra and power of Purusha sukthas I have written articles. Please google agnihotra+ ramanan50.,Purusha Sukth generates electricity.Regards


  8. A good information. Thank u very much. Besides that the gayatri consists of 24 syllables in three padas which is being chanted. There is another concept which is termed as ajapa gayatri and that is being enjoyed every moment by all at every moment. By uttering the GM all around him will be safeguarded. It is universal peace prayer.


  9. I chant Ganesh Mantra & after that Gayatri mantra 108 times every morning in a deep meditative state….the mantra after continuous chant comes automatically without any effort…..during this time you are in a trance and can only understand the inner senses….That time I hear multiple voices repeating the mantra at once very clearly…..even put a recorder nearby to understand the sound coming from my mouth but only found almost silent humming thou inside I can hear them loudly.
    Are this what is called different sound frequencies produced by the 3 bodies?

    Besides I get to hear a nice musical tuuu tu tu tuuu-mmm continuous.

    I don’t just go for what other people say but I rely on what I can feel through tests.

    After the session when I sit on my couch facing the north open balcony I see energy waves clearly and the rooms feel too illuminated.

    What I have realized I want to share is when you are chanting or in deep meditation have a happy and joyous mind,feel that you are also an energy and the world is a projection of your mind.

    As per quantum science everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and with our perspective shows it in the form of matter….Gayatri mantra changes your frequency to higher frequencies/vibration to form a desired illusion in a semi trance state/modify our beliefs.

    After years of regularity now I am calm,If I am in a group people get in a happy mood,huge confidence like If everything is me and been created by me then I am everything and no point having arguments and fights.

    Hope my consciousness and a part of me,the world around always stay blessed and blissful.

    Abhijit Ray

    Liked by 1 person

  10. My daughter suffers from fear. Can Gayathri Mantra can recited? I am chanting Om, it is most beneficial than the medication I have taken for 4 years. Within 15 days, Om chanting cleared my mind. Can my daughter who is just 9 years old can Gayathri Mantra chanting, will it not affect reproductive health?


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