Purana Saptha Dweepa Five Landmass of Tamil Gondwana Geology

In the attempt to prove the Puranas and the Sanatana Dharma, scholars do not, in general, take into account the references found in another great literature of India ,Tamil.

Tamil language is as old as Sanskrit and reference to it are found in the Puranas while no other language is mentioned, excepting Prakritam, a slang or a corrupt form of Sanskrit and later Pali language.

Lost Continent of Lemuria. Image
Lemuria Continent.

(While these languages have a close resemblance to Sanskrit, Tamil is least influenced by Sanskrit.)

The references to Puranas may be taken as a pointer as the most of the Tamil Classics have been dated and the Age of Agastya, the co-founder of Tamil has been established.

Global Map Gondwana.jpg
Silurian Period: Earth during the early Silurian Period
Distribution of landmasses, mountainous regions, shallow seas, and deep ocean basins during the early Silurian Period. Included in the paleogeographic reconstruction are cold and warm ocean currents. The present-day coastlines and tectonic boundaries of the configured continents are shown in the inset at the lower right.

Tamil literature mentions three Tsunamis and also mention three Tamil Poets ‘Conclave'( Tamil Sangams)

Taking into account the references made in the Tamil Classics and the unique geographical division of the Tamil Land into Five areas,,

Mountainous,Forests,Pastoral,Seaside and Desert, the only landmass that can fit into one landmass is Gondwana, the Lost Super Continent.-Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neythal and Paalai.

Gondwana seems to the Landmass that comprised of these Five Divisions and Seven Islands as explained in Purana.


The earlier findings called this land mass as Lemuria.

But the areas of Lemuria could have been in existence only as  apart of a greater continent, Gondwana, if one were to take into account the descriptions found in Puranas,Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tamil Classics and the great flood references in Indian Literature.

interestingly the Puranas mention seven islands,Saptha Dweepas and seven Oceans.

They are,

Jambuu Dweepa; Plaksha Dweepa; Saalmalii Dweepa; Kusa Dweepa; Krouncha Dweepa; Saaka Dweepa and Pushkara Dweepa.

Look at the map of the Gondwana.

You would find  the Seven islands .

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