Jesus In Kashmir His Tomb Attempt At Conversion

Jesus's Tomb , Kashmir image

There is this story going around fro some years now that Jesus visited India,learnt the Buddhist/Hindu Doctrines during his ‘missing years’!

Jesus's Tomb , Kashmir image
Jesus’s Tomb, Kashmir

There are also suggestions that there is a Tomb of Christ In Kashmir.

Tomb o Jesus in Kashmir
Jesus Tomb in Kashmir? Image Credit.BBC

Well, according to an eclectic combination of New Age Christians, unorthodox Muslims and fans of the Da Vinci Code, the grave contains the mortal remains of a candidate for the most important visitor of all time to India.

‘Crazy professor’

Officially, the tomb is the burial site of Youza Asaph, a medieval Muslim preacher – but a growing number of people believe that it is in fact the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

They believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion almost 2,000 Easters ago, and went to live out his days in Kashmir.

“What else could they do? They had to close it,” Riaz told me.

His family home almost overlooks the shrine, and he is witheringly dismissive of the notion that Jesus was buried there.

“It’s a story spread by local shopkeepers, just because some crazy professor said it was Jesus’s tomb. They thought it would be good for business. Tourists would come, after all these years of violence.

“And then it got into the Lonely Planet, and too many people started coming.

“And one foreigner…” he gave me an apologetic look, “broke off a bit from the tomb to take home with him. So that’s why it’s closed now.”

There are gaps in Jesus Story,

There are unaccounted years in Jesus’s Life.

This is being used to propagate all sorts of theories.

Consider these facts.

1.Name of Jesus is not known even today.

2.The Bible was compiled by Constantine 300 years after the death of Christ in a Conclave of Cardinals.

3.The reference to this story of Jesus visiting India is not found in the Old Testament.

4.The idea for this story started of by a writer of fiction.

5.Even here it is mentioned that Jesus visited India.

6.See the Video touting New Evidence of Jesus Tomb in Jerusalem.

Just how many Tombs one would have?

7.There are other sources(!?) on this story which could make one laugh aloud,

Hence the canard that Jesus visited India, learnt from Hinduism and was buried in Kashmir is false

and mischievous.

This is yet another attempt at Religious conversion of Hindus by trying to legitimize Jesus as presenting Hinduism in another format much like other stories being spread that the Monotheism of Islam is nothing but Vedic Monotheism

These pseudo scientific studies must be nipped in the bud.

…generally refers to the period between Jesus‘s childhood and the beginning of his ministry, a period not described in the New Testament.[1][2]

The phrases “lost years of Jesus” is usually encountered in esoteric literature (where it at times also refers to his possible post-crucifixion activities), but is not commonly used in scholarly literature since it is assumed that Jesus was probably working as a carpenter in Galilee from the age of twelve till thirty, so the years were not “lost years”, and that he died in Calvary.[2][3][4]

In the late medieval period, Arthurian legendsappeared that the young Jesus had been inBritain.[5]

In the 19th and 20th centuries theories began to emerge that between the ages of 12 and 30 Jesus had visited India, or had studied with the Essenes in the Judea desert.[4][6]

Modern mainstream Christian scholarship has generally rejected these theories and holds that nothing is known about this time period in the life of Jesus.

Following the accounts of Jesus’ young life, there is a gap of about 18 years in his story in the New Testament.[4][7][13]Other than the generic statement that after he was 12 years old (Luke 2:42) Jesus “advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52), the New Testament has no other details regarding the gap.[4] While Christian tradition suggests that Jesus simply lived in Galilee during that period,[14] modern scholarship holds that there is little historical information to determine what happened during those years.[4]

The story of Jesus visiting Britain as a boy is a late medieval development based on legends connected with Joseph of Arimathea.[5] During the late 12th century, Joseph of Arimatheabecame connected with the Arthurian cycle, appearing in them as the first keeper of the Holy Grail.[5] This idea first appears in Robert de Boron‘s Joseph d’Arimathie, in which Joseph receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Britain. This theme is elaborated upon in Boron’s sequels and in subsequent Arthurian works penned by others.[5]

The idea of Indian influences on Jesus (and Christianity) has been suggested in Louis Jacolliot‘s book La Bible dans l’Inde, Vie de Iezeus Christna (1869)[28] (The Bible in India, or the Life of Jezeus Christna), although Jacolliot does not claim travels by Jesus to India.[29]

Jacolliot compared the accounts of the life of Bhagavan Krishna with that of Jesus Christ in the gospels and concluded that it could not have been a coincidence that the two stories have so many similarities in many of the finer details. He concluded that the account in the gospels is a myth based on the mythology of ancient India. However, Jacolliot was comparing two different periods of history (or mythology) and did not claim that Jesus was in India. Jacolliot used the spelling “Christna” instead of “Krishna” and claimed that Krishna’s disciples gave him the name “Jezeus,” a name supposed to mean “pure essence” in Sanskrit.[29] However, according to Max Müller that is not a Sanskrit term at all and “it was simply invented” by Jacoillot”


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3 responses to “Jesus In Kashmir His Tomb Attempt At Conversion”

  1. A German Theologian Holger Kersten has written a book after years of research “Jesus Lived In India: Before And After Crucifixion” where he has written in detail with evidence from the contemporary literature of different countries.
    Hindi monthly publication of Hindustan Times group , Kadambini, had published a report in its August 1995 issue wherein it was said that during 17th century some European clergymen visited Potala Palace at Lhasa in Tibet. There they saw a hand written very old book in which the Lhasa visit of Jesus Christ was recorded.After returning to Europe they wrote a book on this. But as soon as POpe came to know of it he confiscated and destroyed all copies, including manuscript, of this book.


    • Attempt by theologians to legitimise Jesus. He is not found in Contemporary literature of this times. old testament was written nearly after three hundred years after his death. Theologians might have visited Lhasa possibly to convert. I have written articles on the possibility that Jesus did not exist and it was a political movement.Till date supposed genealogy of Jesus is suspect. How come a middle East individual is portrayed as White? Shroud of Turin is fake as proved scientifically and the cloth was from the Middle ages.I had asked about 13 questions on Christianity and answers are yet to be received.Regards.


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