Hand Foot Mouth Infection Children Details Treatment

Hand Foot and Mouth (HFM) infection strikes children between the ages  1 and 4.

This is Contagious as well.

HFM disease is a common contagious illness caused by viruses from the enterovirus family, most commonly thecoxsackievirus.

This is not be confused with Had Mouth and Foot Disease (HFM) that occurs in the Animals.

Indications of the infection are.

Mouth Ulcers,

Blkisters in the Body.

Light Fever,

Excessive Drooling,

Difficulty in swallowing.

Tend to become irritable,

Sleep more.

Pink rashes may appear all over the body, especially in the buttocks.

This is an infection of the stomach and carried to others by unwashed hands and through Feces.

No immediate cure is available.

The effective controlling measures are,

Give lot of warm liquids,

Give a Teaspoon of Honey twice a Day.

Make the child Gargle Gingelly oil (the amount the child can hold in the mouth) thrice a Day.

This along with Coconut

Milk twice a day will relieve the child of the Pain/burning sensation in the mouth.

May give B Complex Syrup(child’s syrup)

If there is temperature,, do not give Aspirin, check with the doctor for alternates.

Do not feed acidic foods, fruits like Orange, Apple Banana.

May give Sapota.

This disease runs for about 6 days,

No tests are available for this disease.

Do not send the child to school.

Develop the Habit of Washing hands and Feet when the child return Home.

HFM is most commonly an illness of the spring and fall seasons. Initial symptoms of mild fever (101 F-102 F) and malaise are followed within one or two days by a characteristic rash. Small (2 mm-3 mm) red spots that quickly develop into small blisters (vesicles) appear on the palms, soles, and oral cavity. The gums, tongue, and inner cheek are most commonly involved. The foot lesions may also involve the lower calf region and rarely may appear on the buttocks. Oral lesions are commonly associated with a sore throat and diminished appetite.




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