Missile withdrawal in Europe.

Courageous,imaginative, bold and practical move. Technological reasons apart,the political returns on assuming charge of other countries’ defense is minimal.Tell me, which country has not been attacked because it has US defense system or US personnel.Protagonists of interfering in the affairs of a foreign country might argue that it is acting as a deterrent.Logic is flawed.When a country is not threatened.you assume it is because of US protection.What about North Korea vs South Korea and Japan?If a country decides to attack another country or wants to defend itself it will do so with or with out US support.What happened when Nixon sent US Enterprise into Indian ocean in 1971 during Indo-Pak.conflict?India went ahead and Bangladesh was born.What about Vietnam,Korea? US wasted lives and money.To what end?Double guessing game costs.Obama seems to think straight and his move is welcome as it will cool down tempers of jittery neighbors of the countries to which US has stopped offering military installations.Money saved could be used for social causes in US.These types of initiatives shall endear US to the world which sees US as an interfering bully right now.

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