Sonia Gandhi And Antique Idols Theft

There were reports that Sonia Gandhi was implicated in the Idols Thefts in India.

Art Theft from India
Yakshi Holding a Crowned Child (2002 Gift of Subhash Kapoor)
Image Credit.

“What about the arrest and jailing of Sonia Gandhi for smuggling antique idols out of India.

On 1-8-02, smuggling of India’s antique artifacts by Sonia Gandhi was brought up in the Indian Parliament by a Samata Party member.

Many Indians have visited Italy and had seen the shops owned by Sonia Gandhi, alias Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. .

This has never been a secret. There is an antique store called Ganapathi in Orbassano, Italy, Sonia’s native place.

The shop is owned by her relatives. Her smuggling activities began during Indira Gandhi‘s premiership when Sonia was only Mrs Rajiv Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi an illiterate housemaid coming from a poor Italian mason’s family, money making was the first criteria, when she married Rajiv

. She never had education, but had herself certified as an art expert, which gave her the opportunity to certify Indian artifacts, as to which were museum pieces and which were not.

Election Commissioner Navin Chawla’s wife Rupika Chawla not only helped Sonia, but has even supplied Indian antiques to Sonia for smuggling in to Italy.

Sonia was close to Cultural Attache at the Italian Embassy and he used to smuggle artifacts via diplomatic courier bags which escaped customs inspection.

This Cultural Attache was later withdrawn by the Italian Government

. Antique smuggling and money laundering by Sonia with LTTE help was going on since 1984.

Boyfriend Quattrocchi,wanted in Bofors, was buying arms from Phuket, Thailand for LTTE. Rajiv killing by LTTE if probed further by CBI-led MDMA, of Jain Commission would have revealed the conspiracy with LTTE in the assassination of Rajiv killing.

Sonia systematically plundered and exported the ancient treasures of India, especially temple sculptures of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, Mughal paintings and precious gems in Indian Museums, all protected and banned from export under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972

The CBI had in 1993 registered cases on such illegal exports from a Chennai suburb to an identified person in Italy. Festival of India was used as a ploy to smuggle out treasures.

In this Sonia took the help Arjun Singh while he was MP, CM, art expert Martand Singh, a Pakistani couple Muneer and Farida Attaullah, London based Pakistani ISI fixer Salman Thassir a prince of Kuwait, and even the LTTE.

Quattrocchi the Italian rogue was right hand man for Rajiv Gahdi. Rajiv Gandhi used to send faxes of cabinet decisions to Win Chadda which was seen by every one.

Annual holidays and even weekly holidays are spend together by Quattrocchi family and Sonia family together. quattrocchi was arrested on 6th Feb 2007 and yet the news has come out on 23-2-2007.

Sonia with the help of CBI and our tainted judges is trying to cover up the biggest theft of public money by Rajiv gandhi. Sonia bofors frozen money in the bank to her boy friend. Yet the media was silent”

Comment in The Times of India. dated 9 May 2012.

Sonia Gandhi Idol Theft.

Now there is news that Indian Officials did not follow-up the lead.


Rebuttal of this allegation is welcome and there seems to be no rebuttals as on Date.

The Toledo Museum of Art has a mea culpa page on its website. Following widespread coverage of the Kapoor case in the media in India as well in the US, the museum has declared that it had bought eight items including a dancing Ganesha idol most likely belonging to Sripuranthan. The webpage acknowledges that similarities exist between the idol in its possession and the photograph of the idol sent by Tamil Nadu police.

But to set its record straight, the museum has said that it wrote to the Indian Consulate General in New York in 2013 requesting their assistance in establishing the true provenance of the Ganesha idol. It sent a letter to S Jaishankar, the Ambassador of India, asking for his assistance in February 16, 2014, but hasn’t heard back from Indian officials so far.

The lack of response from Indian consular officials is only a part of the red tape that needs to be cut to bring back the Kapoor treasures. The Tamil Nadu police here have a l s o b e e n bogged down by internal delays . Officials express frustration at the bureaucratic delays involved in reaching their letters of rogatory to the concerned parties. A senior police officer said: “Every letter prepared by CID’s idol wing police personnel in the state is forwarded to the Interpol division of CBI in Delhi.



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9 responses to “Sonia Gandhi And Antique Idols Theft”

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    In 1937 , Walt Disney produced ( in 2D / Black & White ) , a film ,

    “ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs “

    Around the World , this fairy tale became immensely popular , among children and adults , alike

    Closer at home , in 2014 , Narendra Modi crafted a colorful and 3D holographic film, titled ,

    “ Sonia and the Thirty-Nine Dwarfs “

    [ – also known as Congress Working Committee ]

    This became hugely popular in villages and towns of India

    And parents started teaching their tiny tots , a brand new nursery rhyme ,

    “ Madam – Baba sat on a throne

    Madam – Baba had a great fall

    All the Congress yes-men

    And all the UPA dwarfs

    Could not put Madam and Baba

    Together again “

    But surprise of surprise !

    For the Nth time , the yes-men were singing , in unison ,

    “ No !

    No , we won’t accept your resignations “

    Among those 39 dwarfs , sat a puppet , who had earlier called Narendra Modi , “ Impotent “

    Little realizing that he would himself , be playing that role when election dust settles !

    Never before in the history of India , have so few inflicted so much misery on so many – and for so long !

    It is high time the dwarfs fade away from our collective memory !

    * hemen Parekh ( 21 May 2014 / Mumbai )


  2. It is an eye opener for common people, Why the Govt is not taking any steps on these matters. It is surprising


  3. she is the part of Vatican strategy to erase all Hindu mythological proofs of Hinduism in India. they wanted tp prove that before Christianity came to India, India did not have any faith in India and the Christianity was responsible for any development AND CIVILIZATION IN INDIA. HER SON IN LAW AHVING ANTIQUE PIECE SHOP at Muradabad has smuggled out many antique pieces from india since he was not checked for his luggage any time. the pieces smuggled out were taken away at the antique piece shop of Sonia’s sister at process they smuggled out some antique pieces found at padmnabh temple Tiruananthpuram. CAG already submitted its report for that in SC. so congis r now involved with antique pieces smuggling since the rise of Sonya & UPA, she was advised by Vatican to continue as the leader of congi to ease out their opration, else she was reluctant to come as congi head, buyt at vatican she came and full fill the aspiration of Vatican.


  4. Its 2020 and still many people dont know about this. Media needs to bring up this issue again on different plateforms so that every indian knows what has happened with them. Why was this news burried? lets bring it up again. share more about this news.


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