Rama Birth Place Temple Built Before 100 BC

The Skanda Purana and the Brahmanda Purana list Ayodhya as one of the Holy Spots of Hinduism. 'In the Atharvaveda, Ayodhya was said to be "a city built by gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself". In Garuda Purana, Ayodhya is said to be one of seven holiest places for Hindus in India, with Varanasi … Continue reading Rama Birth Place Temple Built Before 100 BC

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No Ram Mandir In Ayodhya,The Hindu Wendy Doniger

It takes audacity of the best/worst kind to deny a fact outright.

The intention to denigrate Hinduism and its culture started from Islamic period and it was carried on in a more subtle and systematic manner by the British firstly by publishing 'First History of India' by James Stuart Mill from England who without even visiting during the 12 years it took him to write the 'History' where he begins by asserting that the world did not begin before 4000 years ago and Indians were barbarians and steeped in superstitions

Babur Demolished Rama Birth Place 1528 AD ,Tulsidas

How about what a contemporary of Babur has to say on this?

I am talking about Sri.Tulsdas of Sri Ramacharita Manas.

He states who and how the Rama Janmabhoomi was demolished by 'Yavanas'(Mohammedans) in his works.