How Sound Is Born From Eight Organs Tholkappiyam Tamil Explains

The purpose of this article is to explain the scientific basis on which Indian culture, languages evolved. Tamil,as I wrote earlier,backed by evidence,dates back to between 30,000 to 100,000 years! Runs parallel to Sanskrit. To know more of this kindly Google Tamil+ramanan50, Sanskrit ramanan50, Tamil Sanskrit ramanan50.

Basis Of Tamil Sounds In Vedas Sanskrit Tholkappiyam

So I gave up trying to find out which is older, Tamil or Sanskrit, with the conviction that both go back to very vast stretches of Time, both quote each other.

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How Vedas Sanatana Dharma Tamil Quote Each Other

Based on the present available evidence it may be stated that the Dasyu were not a part of the basic five tribes of the Rig Veda, This could denote those who did not worship Agni, Fire, who were treated as Heretics. This description fits the people of Dravida Desa, who did not worship Agni but Shiva. This also confirms that the Shiva worship was in the South , they did not worship Fire,and were treated as outsiders by the Rig Veda. But other practices of the Vedas were followed by the Dravidas, Tharpana, Yagas and Yagnyas. Sage Agasthya who composed Rig Vedic Hymns is credited, along with Lord Shiva, as the Founder of the Tamil Language.

Brahmins Organized Indian Marriage System Tholkappiyar

Though marriage is considered to be sacred in Hinduism and has elaborate Rituals to solemnize and conduct marriages, I have not been able to find any definite information on who organized this system of marriage.

I could not find the origin of marriage details from the Puranas, Vedas or Ithihasas.

All these texts glorify and explain the rituals connected with Marriage.

The first written record on who organized marriage as a System is found in the ancient Tamil Grammar Book, Tholkappiyam, written by Tholkappiar, a disciple of Sage Agasthya.