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Yagnyas need not involve Fire,for example Brahma Yagnyas,whereas Homas involve Fire ,Agni. Homas are performed with specific purpose in mind,like personal or welfare of the society or for Rains..

Morality For the Society First By Sanatana Dharma To World

'Even though I am Hindu and yeah I don’t believe in idol worshipping but sometimes I doubt what was the first society or first rules made on earth whether it’s Hinduism or other Relevant religion.. Please can u light on some confusion' It requires a Hinduism to allow you to say that you do not follow some of its tenets and yet say I am a Hindu! Sanatana dharma does not call it as heresy. It calls it as enquiry which it feels it ought to clarify and clear.

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How Vedas Sanatana Dharma Tamil Quote Each Other

Based on the present available evidence it may be stated that the Dasyu were not a part of the basic five tribes of the Rig Veda, This could denote those who did not worship Agni, Fire, who were treated as Heretics. This description fits the people of Dravida Desa, who did not worship Agni but Shiva. This also confirms that the Shiva worship was in the South , they did not worship Fire,and were treated as outsiders by the Rig Veda. But other practices of the Vedas were followed by the Dravidas, Tharpana, Yagas and Yagnyas. Sage Agasthya who composed Rig Vedic Hymns is credited, along with Lord Shiva, as the Founder of the Tamil Language.