How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

The Chief of Devas, Indra holds a special place in Tamil Classics. He was included as One of the Primary Deities assigned to each region(there were five geographical regions in Tamilzhakam, according to Sangam Classics), others being Cheyon(son of Siva, Murugan,Maayon(Vishnu) Varuna, and Kotravai(Durga).Special importance was given to Indra and every year a Festival was … Continue reading How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

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How Vedas Sanatana Dharma Tamil Quote Each Other

Based on the present available evidence it may be stated that the Dasyu were not a part of the basic five tribes of the Rig Veda, This could denote those who did not worship Agni, Fire, who were treated as Heretics. This description fits the people of Dravida Desa, who did not worship Agni but Shiva. This also confirms that the Shiva worship was in the South , they did not worship Fire,and were treated as outsiders by the Rig Veda. But other practices of the Vedas were followed by the Dravidas, Tharpana, Yagas and Yagnyas. Sage Agasthya who composed Rig Vedic Hymns is credited, along with Lord Shiva, as the Founder of the Tamil Language.

Purana Saptha Dweepa Five Landmass of Tamil Gondwana Geology

The earlier findings called this land mass as Lemuria. But the areas of Lemuria could have been in existence only as apart of a greater continent, Gondwana, if one were to take into account the descriptions found in Puranas,Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tamil Classics and the great flood references in Indian Literature. interestingly the Puranas mention seven islands,Saptha Dweepas and seven Oceans. They are, Jambuu Dweepa; Plaksha Dweepa; Saalmalii Dweepa; Kusa Dweepa; Krouncha Dweepa; Saaka Dweepa and Pushkara Dweepa. Look at the map of the Gondwana.