Thirumurukaatruppadai Background

Thirumurukaatruppadaibelongs to Tamil Sangam Literature.It was writtn by Nakkeerar about 20,000 yeras ago.This comes under Pathinenkeezh kanakku, an anthlogy of Eighteen poetic works.This is On Murugan, aka Subrahmanya.It talks about the greatness f Murugan,His Compassion,His victory over Soorapadma.It italks about the Six speacial abodes of Murugan Called Aarupadai Veedu.They are Tirupparankundram, near Madurai,Pazhani,Thiruchendur,Swamymalai,Pazhamudhir Solai, near Madurai( all in Tamil Nadu) and Thiruthani, Andhra Pradesh

Then Madurai Tamil Sangam Era In Micronesia, North of Australia

When Lemuria submerged during first Tamil Sangam, Then Madurai also got submerged.

Madurai is called as Naan Maada Koodal, city of Skyscrapers.

The traditional explanation of Naan Maada Koodal is what I have stated above.

The term Koodal is Tamil also means union , as in Husband and wife and also where Oceans meet.

In my opinion Koodal means where Oceans meet and this becomes clearer when one sees the landmass of Lemuria.

Madurai Dated 3 BC Chess Pieces Roman Coins Found

Archaeologists opine that it could date back to another 10,000 years back.

Burnt Bricks used to Build houses, Chess Pieces, Micro Pearls, intricate potteries were found.

Archaeological report.


At Keezhadi, a village not far from the southern bank of the Vaigai river near Madurai, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) is undertaking a massive excavation, possibly its biggest to date in Tamil Nadu. Already 42 trenches have been dug in two locations in a coconut grove at a place called Pallichandai Thidal in the village.

Tamil Sangam Brick Roman Trade Center Near Chennai Found

Madurai Meenakshi's father participated in the Mahabharata War,

Udiyan Cheralathan, A Tamil King, provided food for both the Pandava and kKaurava armies during the Mahabharata war,

Krishna and Arjuna married Pandyan Pricnesses and had children through them,

Balarama visited Murugan temple and worshiped him in Tamil Nadu,

A million year old advanced Tamil site was found in Chennai, Tamil Nadu,

The Humanity's earliest DNAhas been taraced to Madurai!

Ninety Nine Flowers One Ancient Tamil Poem Kurinjip Paattu

Land mass was divided into Five parts and each has been assigned area,based on climate and each has been ascribed with flora and fauna.

Each area has been assigned specific specific style of Living.

Life was categorized into two parts.

Personal and social.