How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

The Chief of Devas, Indra holds a special place in Tamil Classics. He was included as One of the Primary Deities assigned to each region(there were five geographical regions in Tamilzhakam, according to Sangam Classics), others being Cheyon(son of Siva, Murugan,Maayon(Vishnu) Varuna, and Kotravai(Durga).Special importance was given to Indra and every year a Festival was … Continue reading How Tamils Celebrated Indra Festival Silappadikaaram

Uttarayana Festival By The Tamils Vadavazhi Vizha

This has been documented in earlier Tamil Sangam Works and in detail in the Silappadikaaram.

The Vedic Gods, Subrahmanya, Devi, Varuna,Vishnu and Indra were worshiped, assigning each of them to a unique terrain.

'Vaadai Vizha or Vadavazhi Vizha, the festival of welcoming the Lord Surya back to home, as He turns northward, celebrated on December 21/22 (Winter Solstice) (the sixth day of Panmizh[Maargazhi]). It is sung about in Akanauruanthology.

Krishna Lifts Mountain Indra Vizha By Early Cholas

Records say that this Festival Indra Vizha was introduced by an early Chola King Thodithol Chola at the behest of Sage Agastya.

I had shown Sage Agastya's date to be around 5000 years earlier, based on the movement of Star Canopus, Agastya Nakshatra.

I shall write more on the antiquity of Tamil Kings.

The Cholas lineage is from the Puranic times and the Cholas were related to Virata Kings( Currently the area is Rajasthan).