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Vedic Civilization Two Million Sq.KM 2000 Sites

Sites of ancient India around Harappa.

Seven Rivers are mentioned in Hindu Texts.






Sindu, and


Of these seven, exhaustive research is being done around Ganges,Sarasvathi and Sind…Two thousand sites unearthed relating to Harappa reveal that the Hindu culture extended for Two Million Square Millions, which included the present Pakistan and Iran.

Archaeological Report.

Rama Used Atom Bomb Against Atlantis Mohenjo Daro

In which case the following version does not reallly support the Atom Bomb theory as Rama seems to have stopped the adavnciing army by making the army generals drop dead.

Or was the Astra differnt?

Or did Rama use his astra as mentioned here(Yogic Posture), after the Atlantis people had used the Brahmastra?

The latter explanation seems to tally with the state of Mohenjo Daro Radiation.

I am searching for more information.

‘Atlantis Drops A-Bomb on India

What Did Vedic People Eat ? Indus Sarasvati Harappa Food

During my professional Life, I have covered India extensively and had partaken food with the local people in Kashmir,Punjab,Bengal,Odisha, Gujarat, MP, UP , not to mention the southern states.

What struck me was the essential food habits are the same, right from offering water first to the householder eating later.

Major difference is that in the Northern States Wheat is consumed in place of Rice.

(Rice is consumed more in the Southern States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, Andhra,and in th East Bengal and Odisha.)

Yet for Religious ceremonies Rice is being used and the vegetables that are used all over the country for important ceremonies like Sraddha remain the same.