People Migrated To Harappa Teeth Isotope Study Proves

The new study illuminates the lives of individuals buried more than 4,000 years ago in those rare grave sites by providing a novel comparison of the dental enamel and chemical analyses of the water, fauna and rocks of the time, using isotope ratios of lead and strontium

Rig Veda 11,000 Years Old. Sarasvati River Research Satellite Images Dhola Vira Site

Dhola Vira is dated ,at least, to about 4,500 years ago,according to Archeologist  Sri. Bisht

The well deveoped structures and advanced water storing wells indicate a civilization which has been there for quite sometime.

The answer lies in the river Saraswathi.

How Panchatantra Was Copied by World Literatures Harappan Horse Seal

And sources on Vedic life,Tamils from foreign sources as well.

How Max Mueller,Robert Caldwell&Co misinformed and disinformed under the cloak of scholarship.

Though I have published articles dispelling the myths of such 'Indologists', I shall present ,periodically,how Indian texts were copied and passed off as their own by the others.

The first one is Panchatantra.

5000 Year Dholavira Planned City Water Harvesting Astronomically Aligned

Excavations at Dholavira,Gujarat,India confirm this.

The city had,

16 Gates,

4 Stadia,

Water harvesting,

Drainage system,

Brick Masonry and Ceramic used.

Dental Surgery Ancient India Indus Valley 9000 Years

Now evidence of Dentistry being practiced in Vedic India has come to light in the form of finds in Meghrab,Pakistan.

The period assigned to this is around 9000 years ago.

I date the Vedic period much,much earlier.

Please read my articles on this.

Dentistry in Indus Valley Report.