Twenty World Spiritual Sites Same Latitude Seven Hinduism

Add to this the theory that Chidambaram , India being the Magnetic Centre of the Earth, three Shiva Temples  representing thecthree natural principles,in Tamil Nadu,Nataraja's dancing pose is the exact reproduction of a Super nove Explosioin the distant past,there is some message in the sites I have mentioned.

Petra Jordan Ancient Shiva Temple?

Petra , an ancient city , which belonged to the Greeks earlier,excavated in Jordan is considered as one of the wonders of the world. This city had the imprint of Constantine as well. 'In a recently conducted Internet poll, Petra was voted by internet users as one of the 'seven wonders of the modern world'. In this abandoned city, which lies hidden behind impenetrable mountains and gorges, magnificent rock-cut temples and palaces have been carved into towering cliffs of red and orange sandstone. The most famous of these structures is the 'Al Khasneh' (or the 'Treasury'), which was made famous in an Indiana Jones film.