Tripura Rotating Cities Destroyed By Shiva Atlantis

The term Asura means powerful.

While Ravana from the southern part of Bharatavarsha is called a Rakashsa, the people of Atala, Atlantis were called Asuras.

This term set me to search for a landmass which had a culture similar to Sanatana Dharma.

One finds references to this in the Ramayana where Sugriva directs hs army to search for Sita in Peru, identifying it with the Nazca Lines, which he called

as Shiva’s Trishul Mark, the Nazca Lines resemble the Trishul Mark.

The description of Tripura confirmed suspicion that Atlantis is Tripura mentioned in the Purana and destroyed by Lord Shiva.

14 Goddesses Temple Chaturdasa, Agartala Tripura

  Chaturdasha Temple also called as Fourteen Goddess Temple  is  situated near old Agartala, Tripura, India.   This temple was built in honour of fourteen Gods and Goddessess, together called the Chaturdasha Devata, by King Krishna Manikya Debbarma of Tripura and these deities are ceremoniously worshipped during Kharchi Puja. The Kokborok names of the fourteen deities are, Lampra, Akhatra, Bikhatra, Burasa,…… Continue reading 14 Goddesses Temple Chaturdasa, Agartala Tripura