Twenty Three Tantra Technics

And there is this accusation that Tantra is basically sex oriented and many indulge in it for Orgies.

I have been meaning to write on Tantra as Password protected , paid articles to restrict access.

I shall do so some time in future.

In the mean while I was worried about some youngsters(Male and Female) asking me whether they can perform Yoni/Linga Pooja.

I have decided to out line the outline what Tantra is.

Sri Vidya Tripura Sundari Upasna Maha Shodha Nyasa

Nyasa is a ritual where the individual touches various parts of the body with specific Mantras to purify these parts.

In Tripurasundari Upasana, Sri Vidya as well, the performing of the ritual is mandatory.

I have been hunting down for information on these texts and I mentally vowed six months ago. to start writing on Shakti again, I have published quite a few articles on on Shakti and Shakthi Peeetha.

I have found some information on these subjects which I am sharing.

This information is rare and is not easily available.