Twenty Three Tantra Technics

And there is this accusation that Tantra is basically sex oriented and many indulge in it for Orgies.

I have been meaning to write on Tantra as Password protected , paid articles to restrict access.

I shall do so some time in future.

In the mean while I was worried about some youngsters(Male and Female) asking me whether they can perform Yoni/Linga Pooja.

I have decided to out line the outline what Tantra is.

Devi Upasana Dasa Mahavidya Details

They are.

MahaTripura Sundari (or Shodasi-Sri Vidya),
Bhuvaneshvari ,
Matangi, and
A word of caution,
These Vidyas are highly esoteric and have to be followed only under the Guidance of A guru and with the necessary
These, among others Specified Diet and norms of Behavior.
Straying from the set path will lead one to lose his mental stability.
At the physical level,back pain will be severe.
This is the first indication that your practice is incorrect

Devi Worship Dasa Mahavidya Names Introduction

I plan to post a series of articles on the subject , incorporating Yoga and Srividya Upasana.

I am posting the different types of worship of the Mother Devi.

They are essentially ten in number, according to Srividya Tantra Shastra.

Details may be found in the Devi-Bhagavata Purana, especially its last nine chapters (31-40) of the seventh skandha.

They are.

Kali – The ultimate form of Brahman, “Devourer of Time” (Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems)
Tara – The Goddess as Guide and Protector, or Who Saves.Who offers the ultimate knowledge which gives salvation (also known as Neel Saraswati).
Tripura Sundari (Shodashi) – The Goddess Who is “Beautiful in the Three Worlds” (Supreme Deity of Srikula systems); the “Tantric Parvati” or the “Moksha Mukta”.
Bhuvaneshvari – The Goddess as World Mother, or Whose Body is the Cosmos
Bhairavi – The Fierce Goddess
Chhinnamasta – The self-decapitated Goddess[5]