Tripura Rotating Cities Destroyed By Shiva Atlantis

“Om Namasthesthu Bhagavan
Visveswaraya Mahadevaya
Trayambakayah Tripuranthakaya Trikalagni-kalaya
Kalagni-Rudraya Nilakantaya Mrityumjayaya Sarveshwaraya
Sadasivaya Sriman Mahadevaya Namah!!

This Mantra of the Sri Rudram we are aware of.

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Tripura as described in Hinduism.jpg
Tripura as described in Hinduism

Lord Shiva is described as Tripurantaka,’one who destroyed Tripurantaka, an Asura and the Tripura, the Triple city.

This is how Shiva destroyed Tripura.

Vishnu immediately rushed to Shiva , knowing he had to make him angry said “ Tripura should be destroyed. The kings have become evil and they have destroyed the Shiva lingas”

Shiva flew into a great rage and agreed to destroy Tripura.

The whole of Tripura could be airborne , by Vedic gyroscopic mercury vortex technology, which could direct imploding and exploding vortices to propel or to stand still, while in air

Vishnu gave a single arrow the Pashupatastra ( a scalar interferometry cruise missile ) , with could be triggered only by resonance from the pineal gland of Shiva .
Shiva send this cruise missile which ripped through all three airborne forts one after the other in a devious search and destroy track. Tripura was reduced to ashes in a split second.’ Siva Purana.

Now as to the question where is /was Tripura located ?

Considering the fact that Vaivaswataha Manu migrated from the Dravida territory to Sarasvathi Valley,while Shiva, Ganesha and Muruga left through the Arabian Sea towards the west, middle-east to settle further east,

The descendants of the group , which left Dravida for the Sarasvathi Valley,traveled  through Iran, Kazhakasthan through Russia to finally settle down at the Arctic,

The Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic,

my search was on to locate the places the descendants of Shiva visited.

The term Asura means powerful.

While Ravana from the southern part of Bharatavarsha is called a Rakashsa, the people of Atala, Atlantis were called Asuras.

This term set me to search for a landmass which had a culture similar to Sanatana Dharma.

One finds references to this in the Ramayana where Sugriva directs hs army to search for Sita in Peru, identifying it with the Nazca Lines, which he called

as  Shiva’s Trishul Mark, the Nazca Lines resemble the Trishul Mark.

The description of Tripura confirmed suspicion that Atlantis is Tripura mentioned in the Purana and destroyed by Lord Shiva.

However, secondary tradition founded by people and limited in time, and the original tradition has superhuman origin and timeless nature. Because of this myth, and even the Bible texts “Egyptian Book of the Dead” is only secondary to the polar revelation contained in the text of “Avesta”, “Rig” and “Popol Vuh.”There is direct textual overlap between the myth of Tripura and dredaniem of Atlantis. First of all, ‘of course, we are talking about uniformity describe the appearance of Tripura and Atlantis. “Matsya Purana” and “Mahabharata” reported three round town, merged into one, and the first one was made of gold, the other – from the silver, and the third – of iron [29]. In turn, Plato in the dialogue “Critias” said a central island surrounded by the “alternate water and earth rings (earth was two, and water – three) all larger diameter, conducted as if the compass of the middle of the island, at equal distance from each other” [ 30]. Central island and two earthen ring – this is a description of a triple-like Tripura. The walls of each of these cities were covered with metal. The outer city wall was covered with copper, middle – tin, and the inner city – precious orichalcum. [31] The walls of the temple of Poseidon were lined with silver and gold. [32] Such detailed description of the matches in the Indian holy city of ancient myth and prove not only the relationship of the two stories, but the stories of historical authenticity.In other Indo-European sacred myths we find the same pattern. In “Avesta” description Vary, a town built on the orders of Yima Ahuramazda, fits the description of Atlantis and polar Tripura.

There were two Tripuras.

One at the North Pole and another at the Atlantis, the Atlantis.

“Mahabharata” states that Tripura was “lap” and rotates on its axis, it can only be understood in the light of the theory Tilak. Such a circular rotation of possible only if it is located in the Center of the World – the North Pole. It is worth noting that the Indian Aryans used to refer to the sacred center of the world the term «nabhif», which means “navel”, “hub (wheel),” “the central point (space) ‘,’ hole recess.” Linked with it the idea of ​​a continuous circular motion. In the Upanishads, for example, the Brahman – the one who “move in circles – brightness, incorporeal, do not carry the scars, bezmuskulnaya, pure, untouched by sin … “It is He who came around.” In other words, the cycle of movement that triggered the manifestation of the eternal, created the worlds … “[7]. In “Isha Upanishad” of Brahman said: “It moves, and it does not move” (v. 5). Being in the center, being in itself, Brahman is stationary, but moves the whole world. Aurobindo says: “The Brahman himself at peace, quiet and motionless, in which he moves and nourishes the energy”. [8] Movement of the world is due to the stationary engine – center. The concept of the center as the wheel is rotating around a fixed axis, could be formed only where such a center was seen as the true reality – the North Pole. As Atlanta, after whom was named Atlantis, holds on his shoulders the vault of heaven, serving as the World Pillar and Indra performs a similar feat. In the “Rig Veda” a lot of places devoted to the description of the action: “Indra supported heaven” (RV. III. 44, 3)”

Asura completely ceased to distinguish good from bad, day and night, and their fierce and bloody raids on neighbors terrified her senseless cruelty. All it means taking power in the military caste leaders.“Lost in greed and blinded mind, they started without shame or conscience ravage around all populated places. Always and everywhere to escape paying the gods with attendant hosts of the proud new found nothing, they walked, where they would not want to. So dear to the hearts of the gods groves of the gods, the holy abode of the sages, sacrificial pillars village people – all destroyed, defying boundaries insidious Danavas “[53]. On the spiritual fall of the asuras (children are given) report and the “Upanishads.” “Maitri Upanishad” speaks of them as blinded, full of affection, false praise, but “Chandogya Upanishad,” they were referred to as materialists to the worship of “a body”. [54] This is a very interesting concept historiosofic. The loss of the original sacred center leads to the fact that although the sacred tradition and reviving the secondary center, but it will soon deteriorate, without communication with the Divine Source.Considering the problem of the death of civilization, J. Evola writes: “Traditional – organic and articulated – the concept of the state always reflects that natural hierarchy of abilities inherent in man, taken as a whole, in which the purely physical and bodily elements control the vital forces, subordinates in turn spiritual life and character, and at the head of the body is spiritual and intellectual principle which the Stoics called the supreme ruler of the soul, gegemonikonom “[55]. This means that when the asuras put in the center of his life wealth, wealth and physical strength, they have violated the true hierarchy of being and rejected important tradition, which was the cause of their decline and demonic involution.The same ideas are contained in the dialogues of Plato. In the “Timaeus” refers to “the audacity of countless military forces going on a conquest of the whole of Europe and Asia”. [56] “Amazing for the size and power of the kingdom” Atlantis threw all power “to ensure that a single blow enslave both your and our lands, and in general all of the country on this side of the Strait”. [57] The kings of Atlantis, as well as masters of Tripura, are unjust war. Plato explains that in Atlanta “depleted relic of nature’s God” and goodness in them waned. [58] The kings of Atlantis were descendants of the god Poseidon and a mortal woman. Divine and the human were equally represented in them, but the situation gradually worsened.The philosopher says, “But when inherited from God weakened share, repeatedly dissolving in death impurity, and human nature prevailed, then they were not able to bear any longer his wealth and lost decency. For someone who is able to see, they were a shameful spectacle, because squandered the most beautiful of its values, but unable to see what is truly happy life, they looked beautiful and happy just like the time when they boiled unbridled greed and power “[


by Swardata. Translated from the Russian using Google Translate)

Reference and citation.


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