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We have Veda as Sapda pramana, that is a source of Knowledge, Sound meaning testimony. Sapda,Nadha precedes everything in the Universe. All things, Matter which comprise the Universe is in Perpetual Motion.And this is proved and attested by the Theory of Expanding Universe. The philosophical question whether Sound ) Vibration preceded Motion or

Size Of Life 0.00000000001 Millimeter Thirumandhiram

cut it into Hundred pieces, take one among them, cut them further into 1000 pieces,and cut one such piece into 100,000 pieces.

Philosophy Religion Hinduism Facts

Philosophy attempts to answer questions that are not attempted to be answered by other disciplines, like Science.

However the answers are not complete.

And at times one prefers to have the questions unanswered!

SUN Hums OM Scientific Study

The Universe, which includes us, Is, because of vibrations and Sound.   It is constantly in Motion and motion creates sound( or is it the other way around?) And apart from the above facts mentioned by Hindu Texts, they also mention that what is is in the Macrocosm is in the Microcosm, that is what … Continue reading SUN Hums OM Scientific Study

Homas Neutralize Electromagnetic Field EMF

More than delivering beneficial results, Homas also remove excess ELECTRO MAGNETIC FORCE.
EMF alteration to the advantage of the individual is one of the results of Homa.