Spider’s Web Sounds Music Study

Spider's web.image

The whole Universe is based on runs on motion and vibrations. This is the view of Hinduism. Sabda, sound is given the pride of place as one of the Attributes of Reality.While Light is given prominence in other religions, sound is taken as the basis for Universe. Arunagirinathar, Siddha and a great devotee of Sri. Subrahmanya describes Murugan as ‘Nadha Bindhu Kalaathi namo..Veda Mantra swaroopa namo’ நாத பிந்து கலாதி நமோ.. வேத மந்திர ஸ்வரூபா நமோ’ .Some spell as Vindhu, விந்து. It is incorrect. Bindhu is one of the centres of higher realisation and and it is a symbol in Tantra Sastra. ‘Bindu mandala madhyastha..Bhairava Bhagamalini’- Sri Lalitha Sahasranama.Vindhu means Semen. This misinformation is like Shiva denotes represents Phallus Nonsense.

And sound can be converted into other forms of Energy. Om, the fundamental mantra sound of Hinduism, when converted into light, shows Sri Yantra, most venerable symbol of Devi Upasna.

Sri Yantra of Devi. Image
Sri Yantra. Also called Meru in Devi Upasna.

We have Veda as Sapda pramana, that is a source of Knowledge, Sound meaning testimony. Sapda,Nadha precedes everything in the Universe. Matter which comprises the Universe is in Perpetual Motion.And this is proved and attested by the Theory of Expanding Universe. The philosophical question whether Sound ) Vibration preceded Motion or it is the other way around ,is yet to answered.

What is indisputable is Sound forms the basis of the Universe.There are places,Space without Light but never without Vibrations,including Black Holes.Indian texts declare languages were born from the Sound of Siva’s Damaru.And Universal Motion is portrayed in Nataraja Nrithya,Cosmic Dance.More on this in site under Astrophysics.

It is also interesting to note even plant lives react to sound.And on a macabre note Indian texts say that as death stalks complete absence hearing takes place first,this is different fro Deafness. Please read my articles on Signs of death.

So in essence ,life is Sound.A step in this direction is the converting the pattern of Spider’s web into sound and listen to it in the video.Tge process is also described.Spiders live by feeling sound and arrange their dwelling accordingly.

Our ancestors were not fools to say that spoken words must be harmless, gentle and kind. If truth is hurtful ,then it must be expressed in softer gentle words and kindly. Satyam Bruyaath Hitam Bruyaath. Following is the souy for the study on Spider.

Spider web converted into Sound/ music.

‘A few years ago, scientists translated the three-dimensional structure of a spider’s web into music, working with artist Tomás Saraceno to create an interactive musical instrument, titled Spider’s Canvas. Now the team has refined and built on that previous work, and added an interactive virtual reality component to allow people to enter and interact with the web.

This research, the team says, will not only help them better understand the three-dimensional architecture of a spider’s web, but may even help us learn the vibrational language of spiders.

“The spider lives in an environment of vibrating strings,” said engineer Markus Buehler of MIT. “They don’t see very well, so they sense their world through vibrations, which have different frequencies. Source of the Study. https://www.sciencealert.com/we-could-learn-to-communicate-with-spiders-with-music-made-from-their-webs

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