Tripura Rotating Cities Destroyed By Shiva Atlantis

The term Asura means powerful.

While Ravana from the southern part of Bharatavarsha is called a Rakashsa, the people of Atala, Atlantis were called Asuras.

This term set me to search for a landmass which had a culture similar to Sanatana Dharma.

One finds references to this in the Ramayana where Sugriva directs hs army to search for Sita in Peru, identifying it with the Nazca Lines, which he called

as Shiva’s Trishul Mark, the Nazca Lines resemble the Trishul Mark.

The description of Tripura confirmed suspicion that Atlantis is Tripura mentioned in the Purana and destroyed by Lord Shiva.

Atlantis People Descendants Of Shiva Ganesha Muruga

Manu’s descendants also spread towards the north and north-east through Iran, Russia and went as far as the Arctic.

The Rig Veda is reported to have been complied in the Arctic.

2.References found in the Hindu Texts indicate that the people who left by the Arabian sea through the middle east mingled with the local people in those area and so were treated as Milechas by the Sarasvati Valley people.

There seems to have been a constant war going on between these two Groups and those in the region of the Atlantis were referred to as Asuras, the powerful.

3.Asuras are different from the Rakshasas who lived in the southern part of thepresent India from SriLanka down wards, eastwards.

Ravana is one such Rakshasa.

This is mentioned in Tamil Literature while speaking about Lemuria Continent.

The Vedic and Purana texts refer them as Southerners, Dravida.

4.There have also been a clashes between the Lemurians and the Atlantis people.

This again is mentioned n the Puranas as the clash between the Asuras and Rakshasas.

5.In the Ramayana Sugreeva was asked to search for Sita in Peru and the Nazca lines are the Trishula Marks of Shiva.

Front Vishnu Back Mohini Ryali Mohini Avatar Temple

So the Mohini Avatar Temple ,Ryali seems to be the only temple for Mohini Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu took this Avatarr to distribute the Amrutha,Nectar to the Devas at the cost of the Asuras who had also contributed in the churning of the Milky Ocean, Samudramanathan.

Lord Shiva fell in love Mohini married Her and Ayyappa,Sastha was born.

How To reach Ryali.

Ryali is 24 Km from Rajamundry.

Murugan A Vedic God Harappan Tamil Script Proves

Vaivastha Manu migrated from the South,to North, Saraswathi Valley, because of Tsunami.

Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Murugan migrated through the Arabian Peninsula to the West.

In their mission of dividing Indians , the British rewrote History through self styled researchers like Caldwell and other covert,:German Missionaries like Max Mueller,

The same thing happened in Tamil, an ancient Indian language.

Tamil along with Sanskrit was in use in Bharat.

To divide the people by Aryan Dravidian Theory,Murugan, a Vedic God Skanda was turned into an independent Tamil God by misinterpreting and in some case by out right lies.