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Kublai Khan Consecrated Shiva Chuan Chou Hinduism In China

In Chuan Chou, there was a Sivan Temple. In that temple, an image of Siva was consecrated under the 'Firman' - royal orders of 'Sekasai Khan'. This was done for the health of 'Sekasai Khan'. 'Sekasai Khan' in this inscription is the name of Kublai Khan himself.

Nataraja Protector Of Buddhism Chinese Na Lo Yen Tien

Before the advent of Buddhism in China Hinduism was prevalent in China and Hinduism was indigence. The spread of Hindu practices did not stop with the worship of Hindu Gods...Unorthodox systems Vaiseshika ,Nyaya, Martial Arts,Kalari, Weapons like Vajra also found their way into China. Names of the Deities were changed to suit the local conditions. In this process, Lord Nataraja also finds a place in China as a Deity, a Protector.

Hinduism China’s Religion Mahabharata Reference

Mahabharata, Book 6, chapter 9 (MBh.6.9) mentions like this:- Among the tribes of the north are the Mlecchas, and the Kruras, the Yavanas, the Chinas, the Kamvojas, the Darunas, and many Mleccha tribes; the Sukritvahas, the Kulatthas, the Hunas, and the Parasikas; the Ramanas, and the Dasamalikas. Chinas were mentioned along with Chivukas.......In the Vanaparvan of the Mahabharata the Pandava brothers are said to have crossed the country of the Cinas in course of their trek through the Himalayan territory north of Badri and reached the realm of the Kirata king Subahu. The Cinas are brought into intimate relationship with the Himalayan people (Haimavatas) in the Sabhaparvan also. The land of the Haimavatas is undoubtedly the Himavantappadesa of the Pali texts, which has been identified with Tibet or Nepal. In the Sasanavamsa this region is stated to be Cinarattha. Thus, it is clear that China was known to the Indians as lying across the Himalayas and was accordingly included in the Himalayan territories . In the Nagarjunikonda inscription of Virapurusdatta, China (Cina) is said to be lying in the Himalayas beyond Cilata or Kirata.