Kalaripayattu Warfare By Shiva Developed by Parashurama Agastya

Parashurama and Sage Agastya were the founders of these Martial Arts. ' Parashurama and the saptarishi Agastya are regarded as the founders of kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in the world. Parashurama was a master in the art of weaponry, as taught to him by Shiva

Nataraja Protector Of Buddhism Chinese Na Lo Yen Tien

Before the advent of Buddhism in China Hinduism was prevalent in China and Hinduism was indigence. The spread of Hindu practices did not stop with the worship of Hindu Gods...Unorthodox systems Vaiseshika ,Nyaya, Martial Arts,Kalari, Weapons like Vajra also found their way into China. Names of the Deities were changed to suit the local conditions. In this process, Lord Nataraja also finds a place in China as a Deity, a Protector.